Monday, October 4, 2010

More Apple Orchard

My first field trip this week was for Bubby's school to the apple orchard.  There was more feeding of the goats....
more playgrounds to play on....

and more apples to pick.

The kids had such a good time!  The orchard owner gave the kids their own private tour and they thought that was so cool.  

My second field trip this week we took a bus to St. Louis to the Magic House.  I forgot my camera so I'm sorry there won't be any pics.  The kids had a blast but we didn't get to stay very long because we sat in construction for awhile.  I have to vent here for a minute.  People are crazy drivers.  We were three bus loads of children....CHILDREN!!....trying to stay together in traffic and they were whipping around us and cutting us off like it was nothing.   We were flipped off TWO different times.  What kind of person flips off a busload of children??  I'll tell you who... 'Mrs. B 97' that who flips off a busload of children.  Some people are in a sad sad place in their lives.  The kids didn't notice thank goodness.  My Sissy had such a good time and I really can't wait to take them back.  

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Mellodee said...

People seem to be getting more and more stuck on their own needs, wants, thoughts, opinions, and just the whole "me" thing. I hate it!