Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends with Chips

Such a busy busy weekend we had.  It's Tuesday and I'm still trying to recover!  Friday my friend Chris and her family came down to visit us.  I haven't seen her in SO long and it was so nice to talk and catch up.  

Chris's family is REALLY into baseball.  We can tell Bubby really likes baseball and wants to play and other than throwing the ball to him and him hitting it none of us really know what we are doing.  This is where Tom enters the picture.  He taught Bubby more about baseball in on hours time than we have ever taught him.  

They both had so much fun!!  Bubby is still talking about it.  Guess we need to get serious about it now.

The girls had their own kind of fun.  They made trip after trip down into the little creek we have near the house to collect cat tails.

Who needs expensive toys?!

I had to get out pics before they arrived to remind the kids of who was coming.  But once they got here it was like they had never been separated.

They had so much fun all afternoon ripping the cattails apart and watching the seeds fly.

They giggled and laughed like you wouldn't believe over something as simple as cattail seeds.  

Having my dear friend here to visit was fabulous but having her bring a 2lb bag of Mrs. Mikes chips is just PRICELESS!  Now if I could just talk someone into bringing me cheese curds and apple cider donuts from the Nort' Country I would be set.  (fat....but set)

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Jennifer said...

Nice pics, thanx for sharing, keep it up.