Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling Crafty

My cousin, Jennifer, was here this weekend.  The kids were super excited because she brought along Chester of course.  We had a good time...I did anyway...I hope she did.  

It was a crafty kind of weekend.  About 10pm Friday night we decided my dining room light needed bats.  

So, we worked out fingers to the bone cutting out teeny-tiny little bats to stick on the light fixture.  Not really....we used my super awesome Cricut and the Paper Dolls cartridge to cut little bats out.  Then we used the sticker maker and made them into stickers.  Very festive!

Saturday morning we had a Stampin' Up Christmas card party.  My consultant RaeAnne is super awesome!  She brought along all her supplies and we made 15 beautiful Christmas cards.  I am going to be so ahead this year!  I'll post pics of the card later.  I want it to be a surprise when it comes people!


After the card party I still had the crafty bug and we hoped in the car and drove the hour to Hobby Lobby.  I saw these cute little canisters and decided they so needed filled with Halloween candy.  

I used the Cricut to cut out more bats and the letters and then the sticker maker to stick them on.  This will be so fun to change out for all the holidays!  The whole project cost about $16 if you don't count the cost of the Cricut and the hours worth of gas.  I'm sure my friend Nikki  could have made them for about $2 but I don't have all the store options she has.  I'm just lucky these little jars where half off.  But I'll be able to use them all the holidays so I'm ok with that.

I've still got the crafty bug....what shall I make now??


jskippy11 said...

I love those jars, I wish you lived closer to me! I went to Hobby Lobby this Friday, it is further than an hour! But I am NOT crafty!

Meagan said...

Cute Stuff! I think you should make the 2X4 mummies! I think they look soooo fun!

Mellodee said...

The jars are terrific! What fun!

Nikki said...

Oh Lynn come on...theres 3 jars, thats AT LEAST $3 LOLOLOLOL, soooooooo cute! What you mean not turning out how you planned?!?!?!?!

Jami said...

I need a cri cut. These are So cute!