Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farm Chicks are the coolest!

I found these two Farm Chicks books at the library last week and I just want to crawl up in them and live there!

Everything in them is just too darn cute!!

I mean how cute is this!?  They tell you to display all your baking items in a hutch as part of your Christmas decorations.  Completely impractical but oh so cute!

I am so getting ready to make this!!!

I've been looking for this window for years.  One of these days I will find it.  Can I start decorating for Christmas now??


Jenny said...

Lynn, if you're ever passing through our area, I'll take you here...pretty likely they'd have your window.

All I can say is this place is four floors of wonderfuness!!

Miss ya, as always! ~Jenny

Dawn said...

I was in Walmart this week and they were putting out christmas decor. I did a little dance of joy. I need the whole three months to get ready.