Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sugar High

I don't know about you but I am about DONE with Halloween and candy.  This town is all about the halloween so we have been trick or treating for DAYS.  Bubby wanted to be a Puma but I couldn't find a costume for him.  Then he decided he wanted to carry a bow and arrow so I thought maybe Robin Hood.  Couldn't find a Robin Hood costume for under $65 so we decided on a hunter.  

PERFECT outfit for him really.  He told people he was Camouflage.  

Sissy always wants to be something scary for Halloween.  Her friend was a cute kitty.  We were in the car and she says.....
Sissy:  Syd sure was pretty wasn't she?
Me:  Yes she did look cute.  Her mom did a great job on her costume didn't she?
Sissy:  (after thinking about it for awhile)  I don't think you are supposed to be cute on Halloween.  
And that is Sissy for you....always wants to be something scary.  I actually made her costume!  I'm pretty proud of myself.  

Thursday night we walked up town to trick or treat the merchants on the square.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone all dressed up.

Since we live in the middle of no where it's fun to be able to go to town to trick or treat a bit.

Don't worry...nobody was deprived of any candy!

Hope you had a fun Halloween too!!  How many days till Christmas???

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Chicken feathers are flying!!

For those of us in the midwest it's been REALLY windy this week.  Ridiculous windy.

So windy it blew the feathers right off one of my chickens!  

Just kidding!!  She is molting the poor thing!  

Doesn't she look pathetic?  I swear I didn't make her stand near my flip flops just for the blog.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Sightseeing

After spending all day Friday visiting with friends I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning scrapbooking.  It was so much fun but SO past my bedtime.  The Croptoberfest event was held in a nearby small town in the church basement.  While there all the ladies decided they needed to scare the bejeezus out of me by telling stories of local robberies.  They had great stories about catching people in the middle of the robbery and waking up to open doors in the middle of the night.  ACK!  You know what a scaredy cat I am!  I drove home after midnight through the dark country side FREAKED out.  I made it home so it's all good.  

A few hours after going to bed we were up and on the road to Peoria, Illinois to visit friends again.  They took us to some local attractions and the fall views of the river were amazing!

The kids had a really good time riding the TINY elevator SLOWLY up into the sky but I have to tell ya my knees were a little shaky.    It was worth it though. The view of the river was really breathtaking.  So peaceful.

After living through the water tower experience we toured the World's Most Beautiful Drive.  Seriously....that's what it's called.  Apparently Teddy Roosevelt came through sometime long ago and said this was the worlds most beautiful drive and being smart city planners Peoria jumped on it.  I think Mr. Roosevelt was correct though.  It was amazing.  I can't imagine waking up every morning in some of those homes and watching the river views change with the seasons.  What a blessing that would be.

After a yummy lunch of Panera and sightseeing we boarded a paddle boat for a cruise of the river.

I have never been on a paddle boat cruise and it really was a lot of fun.  I was worried I might get motion sick or the wind would be too much but it really was very peaceful.  If I hadn't had the kids to watch I could have probably fallen asleep on the deck watching the world slowly go by.

I kept looking at the shore and wondering what it would have been like 150 years ago when this was the ONLY means of major transportation up and down Illinois.

What would have I have thought of Illinois back then?  Would I have wanted to stop the boat and go ashore?  I think I would have.  The shore was more than beautiful this time of year.

Thanks David and Rod for a WONDERFUL day!  Can't wait to come back!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends with Chips

Such a busy busy weekend we had.  It's Tuesday and I'm still trying to recover!  Friday my friend Chris and her family came down to visit us.  I haven't seen her in SO long and it was so nice to talk and catch up.  

Chris's family is REALLY into baseball.  We can tell Bubby really likes baseball and wants to play and other than throwing the ball to him and him hitting it none of us really know what we are doing.  This is where Tom enters the picture.  He taught Bubby more about baseball in on hours time than we have ever taught him.  

They both had so much fun!!  Bubby is still talking about it.  Guess we need to get serious about it now.

The girls had their own kind of fun.  They made trip after trip down into the little creek we have near the house to collect cat tails.

Who needs expensive toys?!

I had to get out pics before they arrived to remind the kids of who was coming.  But once they got here it was like they had never been separated.

They had so much fun all afternoon ripping the cattails apart and watching the seeds fly.

They giggled and laughed like you wouldn't believe over something as simple as cattail seeds.  

Having my dear friend here to visit was fabulous but having her bring a 2lb bag of Mrs. Mikes chips is just PRICELESS!  Now if I could just talk someone into bringing me cheese curds and apple cider donuts from the Nort' Country I would be set.  (fat....but set)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Fall Friday

I have a friend from up north coming to visit today.  I haven't seen her for so long and I'm excited.  So, I'm cleaning, cooking and getting ready for them to get here.  Oh who am I kidding....I'm online procrastinating.

I should also be getting ready for a scrapbooking Croptoberfest tonight!!  I plan on putting my Washington DC scrapbook together tonight.  I need to get all the pics and supplies organized and together.  It won't take long but I just haven't done it yet.  Instead of doing all this yesterday I was at Old Navy getting some super deals.  But don't tell the hubby...he thinks I was cleaning all day.  :)

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Muddy Boots

Welcome to my world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farm Chicks are the coolest!

I found these two Farm Chicks books at the library last week and I just want to crawl up in them and live there!

Everything in them is just too darn cute!!

I mean how cute is this!?  They tell you to display all your baking items in a hutch as part of your Christmas decorations.  Completely impractical but oh so cute!

I am so getting ready to make this!!!

I've been looking for this window for years.  One of these days I will find it.  Can I start decorating for Christmas now??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Flowers

I still have flowers in the garden.  So pretty!

Dress for Success--Indianapolis Style

You remember this summer when we stopped off in Indianapolis to visit my cousin?  Well, while we were there she took us downtown to eat supper and visit a place very dear to her heart, Dress for Success.  I took a bunch of pictures but when I got home I couldn't find them on my camera or computer.  I couldn't figure out what I had done.  How had a erased all those photos??  So, yesterday I got out my little 'old' digital camera to see what pics the kids had been taking lately (I sometimes let them play with it and take pictures) and guess what?!  There were a bunch of pics from our summer trip on that camera!!  I found all my lost photos!  I had forgotten I stuck the little camera in my purse cause I didn't want to haul my bigger one around.    

So, now I get to tell you about the lost part of our trip.  My cousin took us to a wonderful place downtown by the Canal to eat supper at a place called Creation Cafe.  We sat outside on the patio and had supper and Chester (her dog...but don't tell him he's a dog!) was able to join us.  

They must have heard I was in town.  Look at these salt and pepper shakers!!

The food was SO yummy!!!  Wonderful sandwiches and soups.  I kids even had homemade potato chips.

After dinner we walked downtown along the Canal.  It was such a nice evening and we had been cooped up in the car for so long that it was nice to just walk around for awhile.

After our walk we were able to tour Dress for Success Indianapolis.  What a wonderful organization!  For more information about this great organization check out their website here.  

Simply put this organization helps women get back on their feet and find a job.  It's hard for a woman who doesn't have the right clothing to find a good job.  If you have always worked a job where they gave you a uniform and you have never had the money or know how to get the right suit then you can't get a better paying job.  Men can wear the same white shirt and black pants to work everyday but women can not.  They have to be stylish to move up the ladder.  

That explanation sounds too simple really.  Dress for Success does so much more than just find women clothes.  They give them their lives back.  It's amazing!  They show these women THEY have the skills they never knew they had to start building a productive life.  I was reading some of the comments some of the clients left and there was everything from 'I got a great job and a steady paycheck' to 'Someone told me I looked nice today for the first time ever' or 'I had 3 square meals today for the first time in months'.  After leaving Dress for Success these women should be able to  build a better life both personally and professionally.  

Snooping Peaking through everyone's offices you could tell everyone who works there is so creative and stylish.  Their offices were too cool!!

I mean who has mannequin heads in their office!?  If I did that people would say, ' have some naked heads on your shelf'.

The main room with all the clothes were so amazing.  They get donations from people but a lot of the clothes are brand new name brand items donated right from the clothing company.  Very nice stuff!!

When I walked into the 'shoe room' I almost passed out.  Shelves and shelves of shoes ladies!  I had to sit down for awhile.

So did Chester.

An organization like this is such a blessing to so many people.  The clothing is just a small part of the Dress for Success experience.  Without that little extra push so many women's lives (and families) would be so much different.  After leaving here I got to thinking how thankful I am to have a family who taught me the power of education and how to take care of myself.  I'm thankful to have family and friends to rely on cause SO many women do not have the support system I have been blessed with.

Check out Dress for Success online or Facebook to see if there is a local office near you where you can donate clothing or time.  By blessing others you will be greatly blessed in return.....I guarantee it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peaceful Columbus Day Fishing

Monday the kids and hubby were on vacation for Columbus Day and they all wanted to go fishing.  To be perfectly honest I didn't want to go.  The thought of being trapped on a boat with the 3 of them did not appeal to me.  A big empty house where I could nap and watch a movie by myself sounded more my style.  But now I'm glad I joined them.  

It's was a absolutely perfect day!  As long as we weren't in the sun it wasn't too warm and if we were in the sun I was able to work on my tan a bit while everyone else fished.


There was no fish for supper that night but they all had fun anyway.   

The kids really do love fishing as much as their daddy.  We were out for 4 hours and they both casted almost the whole time.

I really think Sissy could fish all day everyday.  Bubby is a bit like me I think...has to be doing something different every couple of minutes.  Thank goodness there was chips and salsa to keep us both occupied.

The scenery was really peaceful.  The trees are just starting to turn for the fall.  They are trying but since it's so dry here I don't think it's going to be a really brilliant looking fall.

I was able to get a lot of knitting done and a great fall tan.  It really was a great day and yes....I will go back.