Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pottery Makes Life Better!

For years I've been going to auctions and I always notice how they are selling some woman's special china, dish ware, towels or sheets that have NEVER been used.  She was always saving it for that special occasion that never came.  After I bought a a lady's wedding china set that served 12 for only $25 I decided that I would stop saving the 'good' stuff.  

 I don't really have any 'good' china or a china cabinet full of silver but I do have a lot of pretty pottery pieces.  

I got this piece from Clement Clayworks a couple of years ago and I love it!  I really do use it all the time just to put normal everyday things in it...like Mac and Cheese.  It makes the ordinary seem a little more special.  The best part about this bowl is it's dishwasher, oven and microwave safe!!  You heard me right...DISHWASHER safe!  

In case you missed it I am a chips and salsa freak and nothing makes chips and salsa more special than a new bowl.  This past Saturday I was at a craft fair and picked up this new hand made chips and salsa bowl from the same artist.   

I had to come home and put it to use right away!!

This new handmade bowl makes me so happy!  So, your mission for the day is to get your 'good' china out of the cabinet and put it on the table for supper.  It will make you smile I guarantee it!


Dawn said...

Thank god you got me that china for 25 dollars. I use it everyday. people always comment on it too, "wow you have such FANCY dishes, are you sure you want me to use this?"

Anonymous said...

Who could survive without CHIPS and SALSA? Nice bowl by the way.

Susan said...

I love pottery too. cool blue bowl.. and love the salsa one too..

Susan said...

I love pottery too.. I also have 3 sets of nice china. I use 2 set regularly and the third is saved for Addison.. Brad got them in China..I love the blue bowl and the salsa one in cool too.

Nikki said...

I'm a pottery FIEND! Love the chips and salsa bowl! :)