Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Smart Kid!

This kid cracks me up!!  The poor little guy spent most of the weekend sick and on Monday morning he was seriously on his deathbed but Tuesday morning we woke up his normal crazy self.  

He wanted oranges in the worst way and since I had to go to town to deliver eggs anyway we went to get some oranges for him.  

So, he grabs a straw and sticks it into the orange to get himself some orange juice.  Makes sense right?  Then he grabs 2 glass olive jars and some tape.  He comes into the kitchen and wants me to put them together for him.

I said, "Why do you want these taped together?"  He told me so he can see better.

Of course!!  I see now.  Don't you?

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Anonymous said...

That is one smart kid! He must take after his dad:))