Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Letter to Santa

It's gotten to the point around here that when one of the kids ask for a new toy I will say, "Well, you better tell Santa".  Today while at Target Bubby dearly wanted another gun with foam bullets.  I told him he should ask Santa for it.

Later after we were home he brings me a toy catalog we got in the mail yesterday.  It has spy glasses AND a fire engine that shoots real water in it.  He got VERY excited and said he NEEDED them.   I told him he should begin writing a letter to Santa so he doesn't forget any of these toys.  He asked if Santa would come down the chimney and I told him Santa would more likely come in the back door and we would leave it open for him.

Later I found this note to Santa taped to the OUTSIDE of the door.  It explains in great detail what he would like for Christmas.


All Natural Mama said...

Lol, I've been telling the boys the same thing - ask Santa. Especially Alex, who watches lots of tv at his grandparents and sees all the lovely commercials... gag.

Rachel said...

ROFL, that's hilarious!!!!!