Monday, September 27, 2010

Better than Disneyland!

I think Mother Nature reads my blog.  Really!  I just blogged about how hot it's been and then BAM! it cools off.  Maybe I should blog about Chevy Tahoe more things I want.  I'm just saying....

It finally cooled off and it actually feels like Fall.  Harvest is in full swing and the kids have been watching the guys going up and down the road and have been dying to ride in the combine.  

Our neighbors are the best!  Even though they are super busy they picked up the kids and let them ride for awhile.

You would have thought it was Disneyland!  They had SO much fun and talked of nothing else.  

Thanks guys!!  

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Anonymous said...

That is an awesome scene and my husband would be all about it. That is a sweet 7520 pulling the auger wagon. We have a 6030 that is similar and she does the same.