Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gift Card Holder

We have a family reunion this weekend...which I'm in charge of.   Every year we have an auction during the reunion of items the family has donated.  The items can be used or new...sentimental or funny.   We use the money to purchase items for the next reunion....plates, cups, food and give aways.  

I've decided to have a little family trivia game and I'm going to give away gift cards from area businesses.  I decided today that I can't just hand someone a naked gift card....that's just a ridiculous idea.  These gift cards need a pretty envelope to go in!

This week I was at Archiver's and made my friend Meagan buy this super cute envelope template for $1.99 but don't worry she got me back.  She twisted my arm and made me buy a new Cricut cartridge called Songbird for $2.99....hey my hubby reads this and it cost $2.99 got it?  That's our story...we gotta stick together on this people.      

I used the template for the envelope and made the money sign using the Songbird cartridge.    I think these are super cute and I'm sure nobody will ever notice I made them...but I think they are fun and I liked making them.  


Dawn said...

those are cute!

Meagan said...

Turned out super cute!! Totally worth the 2.99!! ;)