Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Berry-Yogurt Pops

My kids love popsicles like just about every other kid out there.  I've looked all over for popsicle molds and I can't find them anywhere!!  And before you send me emails telling me you found a fabulous set let me tell you I've looked.  I could buy online I know but I have this thing for buying 4 little plastic cups for an outrageous price.  It dawned on me one day that I have all these little juice glasses I have collected over the years and they would be perfect to make popsicles in.  

Place 1 1/2 cups sliced strawberries in blender, add 1/3 cup cool simple syrup, and puree until smooth. For simple syrup, combine 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water in a saucepan; bring to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves.  Cool.  

Pour a couple of tablespoons strawberry puree into each mold or glass.  Place glass in freezer for 30 minutes.  At this point you may not want to tell the kids you are making these cause they will bug you ALL day wanting to know when they are done.  

Remove from freezer and add a couple tablespoons vanilla yogurt on top of strawberry layer.  

Return to freezer while you prepare the next layer.

Bubby helped me add the popsicle sticks at this point but if I did it again I would wait till after the 3rd layer is in the glass.  But you can do what you want.

Puree 1 1/2 cups of raspberries or blackberries...whatever you have on hand....with remaining simple syrup until smooth.  You can strain your berries through a fine mesh sieve if you want but I didn't.  You know me....everything is done about half-ass.

This is why I would wait to add the sticks.  When you go to pour the 3rd layer into the glass it's hard not to cover the stick with the sticky berry mixture.  Not very pretty.

Let the popsicle freeze for a couple of hours or overnight.  This is why I won't tell the kids I'm making these cause it took forever to freeze and they asked if they were ready about every 10 minutes.  Once frozen run them under hot water and they should pull out of the glass super easy.

We all loved these!!  Some of my glasses were a bit large I think.  When I make them again I won't feel the need to fill up the entire glass.  Smaller popsicles are easier to eat.  These were super yummy and easy to make!!  Enjoy!!


Cindy said...

Awesome idea!! Thanks, lady. You really are Pw. :)

Rachel said...

Wow, you seriously make some Martha Stewart popsicles! I just plunk whatever I've got on hand in the containers, which means sometimes the kids get applesauce/grape juice popsicles, or pear sauce/ cranberry/ mystery juice popsicles, ha ha!

Elizabeth said...

love your idea, thanx for the post, keep it up.