Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Vacation, Part 1

We have been gone 8 days on a trip to the east coast.  Thanks to auto-blogger you didn't even know I was gone did you?  I did that on purpose so you wouldn't be tempted to come and steal my chickens...I know how you people think.  You want chicken poop on your front porch too don't you??  It's all the rage I've heard. 

Our first stop on the trip was to visit my cousin and 'Cheshur'.  The kids were SO excited at the thought of getting to sleep with Chester. 

My cousin, Jennifer, lives in the coolest old neighborhood!  After a wonderful supper downtown we took the dog (shhhh!  don't tell Chester he's ONLY a dog) and the kids for a walk.  We walked through the beautiful old neighborhood filled with turn of the century fountains....

and lots of beautiful statues. 

Every block there were large stone statues of ladies, dogs, lions and earns of flowers.  Amazing neighborhood!

The neighborhood is VERY exclusive....just look at that razor wire.  Just kidding!

After a great walk where the kids were bickering and the mosquito's were biting we came home so Bubby could like some sparklers off the deck....

and Sis could have a pedicure. 

Jennifer....thanks for welcoming us into your little Ikea paradise!!  We had a great time and I hope Chester has recovered.  (After about 4 hours of us he looked at Jennifer as if to say, "Ok...are they going home anytime soon??)


Anonymous said...

becareful as you will make other envious of my gated community status - ha ha ha

It was so wonderful having you all here and I would love for it to happen more often!! Chester on the other hand - hmm

Jennifer and Chester

Rachel said...

Ha ha, you're such a hoot. I am TOTALLY going to pay the amish people down the road to steal your chickens next time you're out of town :)