Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Trip, Part IV--The Monuments

After Arlington the sun came out and we hopped onto a Tour Mobile to see some DC monuments.  We were all so thankful there would be no more walking for awhile. 

The kids were MORE than done at this point.  It was HOT HOT HOT.  The Tour took us around to see 21 different monuments so we thought this would be a great way to at least get to see everything in one easy step.  Before the trip we tried to explain to the kids where we were going.  They know about President Obama and they learned about him in school so we told them we were going to where Obama lives.  The next day Bubby was very upset that we didn't get to see Obama or his house.  I think he thought we were going to drive up to a ranch style house and knock on the door and have a BBQ or something. 

Unfortunately we didn't get all that close to any one monument.  We could have got off at any time but with the kids it was just too much. During the tour bus ride we sat in the very first seat at the front of the bus right in front of our tour guide.  I couldn't separate the kids cause they couldn't sit next to an open window.  At one point they are hot, tired and fighting and the tour guide is talking about the Capital and without missing a beat he says, "Did you just hit your brother?!?!"  Everyone started laughing.  It was a pretty funny moment. 

It was crazy to see all these famous places right beside the road!  For some reason in my mind I pictured each one of these beautiful monuments set off by itself.  I know this is a city but for some reason I didn't think things would be so close together.  I've been living in a cornfield too long!

We would be walking down the street and you look up and there is a huge monument right there by the street. 

We sat on The Mall and ate lunch.  Right between the capital building and the Washington Monument my family ate lunch!  It was a surreal moment for me. 

I have to keep in mind the DC area was in a drought while we were there but I thought things would be more lush looking.  I though the grassy areas would be nicer.  But I guess when you have 1000's of people walking on them daily they can't be pristine looking.  We are obviously NOT from the city so we thought it was so strange to see so many people out jogging or working out with all the tourists just milling around them.  They didn't seem to notice us at all. 

This guy had finished his jog and was doing his leg exercises on The Mall with hundreds of people walking right beside him.  But I guess my strength training class does the same thing.  We run the steps of the courthouse in the middle of town.  Thank God our instructor doesn't have a Washington Monument!!  We'd be running up all 898 steps!!


Dawn said...

did you just hit your brother?!?!?!

jskippy11 said...

I am loving your vacation... how fun for you! And I sooo get the did you just hit your brother.... it is a constant battle at our house, and now with the new baby it seems I am always telling Holly to leave her alone... she loves her so much!

Alex said...

I work about two blocks from all of the monuments you have photos of. I go running with co-workers at lunch and have the privilege of having a 5 mile path that cuts near and through many of the monuments. It is the most scenic and enjoyable running path I've ever had.