Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Escape & Triumph on July 4th

The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they own. 

I have read some REALLY good books this past month.  First, for book club, was Uncle Tom's Cabin. I never thought I would like it but I would have to say it was really good.  Some parts were, yes, hard to read but a really good read. 

Then there was The I've mentioned before a wonderful book.  In the last week I've pretty much devoured two book by Carolyn Jessop.  I couldn't put them down!!  The first was Triumph and the second Escape (I read them out of order). 

I find it very ironic I read both of these books over the July 4th weekend.  While laying around the pool celebrating my countries freedom I was reading about a woman who had NO freedom.  Like everyone else I've heard of the Polygamous groups out west.  I watched on TV a couple of years ago while they took over 400 children away from their parents at the Yearning For Zion Ranch.  At the time I can remember thinking how horrible for these women!  They have lived some dominated lives and now we are taking their poor children away too.  I have always thought if these people want to live like that who am I to judge.  The man wants 10 wives and the wives all put up with it then whatever.  Boy did Carolyn Jessop open my eyes!! 

The child abuse at the hands of EVERYONE, men and woman, out there is unspeakable!  The lives these people lead in the name of God when they have NEVER read the Bible is just ridiculous!  I had always thought they lived simply and off the land.  I did not realize how many businesses the FLDS have their hands in.  They own a number of motels, gas stations, and construction businesses, to name a few, across the west.  They are worth millions and yet they starve their children 'to teach them a lesson'.  I can't even begin to tell you some of the hardships this woman has gone through in her short life.  Just take my word for it and go get this book.  Another hard book to read but oh so worth it!


Rachel said...

Hmmm, maybe I'll try it. I don't know, it might dredge up some bad memories, just when I'm coming to learn about the 80's!

Dawn said...

So I guess Crossfit is not officially a cult then :( (no land ownership)

Nikki said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Escape! And last time I was at Barnes and Noble they had them on clearance for $6!!!!!!!