Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dear Mother Nature

(I didn't take this photo....found photo on Google...please don't sue me.) 

Dear Mother Nature,

I'm so tired!!  We have a major thunderstorm EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT!  My poor baby boy comes crying down the stairs every night cause he is scared to death of the thunder.  Thunder which sits on top of our house for HOURS every night and rumbles.  He gets into bed with us and sleeps with his hands over his ears.  It's so pitiful. 

THEY say we are in a drought but I really don't know how.  I bet we've had 5 inches of rain just this week alone and it's only Wednesday.  I've had enough!  A little rain is fine just stop with the crazy thunder and lightening.  Stop with the wind that hits the side of the house like a mac truck.  Just one night of uninterrupted sleep would be so wonderful!

Thank you,

One tired Mother


Dawn said...

Like mother like son.

Rachel said...

Hee hee, you could title that, "From one Mother to Another . . ."