Saturday, June 12, 2010

Non-disclosed Cherries

Is this not the prettiest sight you have ever seen?!  A friend allowed me to come and pick cherries from her tree this morning and I would have to say they were the prettiest cherries I've ever seen.  What friend you might ask??  Well, I will NEVER tell!!  If I tell you I might show up next year and all the cherries will be gone.  Selfish??  Yeah, maybe a little. 

So far today was the hottest day of the year.  90-something degrees and a heat index well into the 100's.  Perfect day for standing outside in the sun picking fruit.  (sorry...I think the heat got to me today) 

This was by far the BEST cherry picking experience I have ever had.  There were no weeds, bugs, dogs or my dad standing behind me telling me I'm picking wrong.  I could drive the truck right up under the tree and I had a little helper. 

We had picked and were back home by 10am so really the heat wasn't too bad.  We had a nice breeze and it was such a pleasant experience.  The canning part was the hottest part.  (I need a summer kitchen!)  We picked enough for 8 quarts, which is really just enough for us.  That's 8 cherry pies this year.  Can't wait!

Thanks C!

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