Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, while the kids where playing

on the fabulous new swing set

and slip-n-slide at my friend Meagan's last week.....

she was inside making this for my sister! 

It's the most fabulous laptop cover EVER!  A year ago I found this cool idea on a blog to make a laptop cover that looked like an Etch-A-Sketch.  I instantly thought of my sister! 

Little known fact about my sister:  She can take an Etch-A-Sketch and make the most wonderful pictures.  Not just squares and maybe a house with smoke coming out of it but ACTUAL pictures. 

I tried to get the lady to make it for me but she refused.  I thought maybe I could make it myself but who am I kidding??  So, I bribed Meagan with fabulous food (frozen pizza) and drink (margaritas) to make it for me.  She whipped it out in no time just from looking at a toy Etch-A-Sketch she had at the house.  She even hand embroidered the writing on the top.  Seriously people!  Who does that?!  It's good to have talented friends with a useful degrees from a prestigious university. 

Disclaimer:  This item was a gift.  No pattern was followed and no money exchanged hands at any time....only pizza and limes.  


Meagan said...

Oh No!!! You can still see the hoop rings!!! I should have pressed it again!!! Oh well. I want to see a pic with the lappy in it!

dawn said...

ok ok it is now my goal to take a picture with the laptop in it. I love it thank you.

Rachel said...

Hoop rings?! She's obsessing about hoop rings?! Seriously, I need to start bribing her to make stuff for me. What a cool idea!!!