Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Help is keeping me up at night

I am exhausted.  I'm exhausted cause I'm up till all hours of the night reading this book.  I CAN NOT put this book down!  I am also almost done with it and I don't want it to end.  I can't turn the pages fast enough and I don't like that I only have a couple of chapters left. 

I've heard lots of rave reviews for it but when I read the jacket cover I wasn't that interested.  The story is about housemaids in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi.  I'm sure that brings up all kinds of imagines to your mind, doesn't it?  I didn't really want to read one more story about how horrible people can treat each other.

This book is so much more than poor black women waiting on wealthy white women.  It's about women.  Period.  Women and the things they have to do to survive the situations they are in.  The story is told through the eyes of 3 women (2 black and 1 white) and you can hear their voices.  You can hear what they are thinking.  I can't say enough good things about this.  So, go while it's still summer and the kids aren't really on any kind of schedule and you can stay up late reading. 

And I'll apologize now for the dark circles under your eyes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tart & Tangy Limes

Going to keep it simple this week.  The garden is going like crazy and I'm trying to keep up with it.  I want to go and pick more blueberries and I really do need to be outside watching the kids play in the pool (i.e. laying on the hammock cause it's summer and I'm supposed to, right?)

This is a card I made for Meagan's birthday earlier this month.  I was going with a whole lime margarita theme.  I used the Tart & Tangy Stampin' Up! stamp set.  When you use green ink these little slices look just like limes instead of oranges.  Again...this is my favorite stamp set!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Girl's Night Out

Sometimes I wish we were in a bigger city and then we could take advantage of more cultural events.  It would be so much fun to take the kids to more plays, festivals, and different museums....but that's not going to happen anytime soon.  The one thing we do have here is community theatre! 

Sissy and I had a little girl's night out and enjoyed the local production of Beauty and the Beast. 

                                 (Sissy with Belle)

She had so much fun watching the show!!  At one point 'wolves' came down the aisles and made their way to the stage.  Very creepy for me....much less a little girl on the aisle!  But she loves creepy things and couldn't wait for them to come back. 

                                                          (Sissy with Lumiere)

There were so many stars in the show...not just Belle.  So many people stole the show in their own little way.  Some by singing....some by dancing and some by falling down or flirting with a dustmop. 

          (Sissy with Mrs. Potts)

Fun night!  Can't wait for the next production!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Berries! Lots of Berries!

I'm not sure where the week has gone but I do know the week involved many berries....lots of berries.  I went with a friend late last week to pick blueberries.  We decided blueberries were way easier to pick than strawberries. 

The kids had a really good time picking too. 

Blueberry bushes are just about their size so it was easy picking....and we didn't have to worry about anyone stepping on the bushes (like when we pick strawberries). 

Saturday I decided I didn't have enough and went with two other friends to pick more.  I've picked about 4 gallons so far.  I really should go back one more time but green beans are here now.....sigh....

The Hunter decided I didn't have enough to do and went out into the fence row and picked some raspberries. 

All these berries will be great in smoothies all year!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Target Day Yet!

I needed to go to Kohl's and JCPenney this morning to pick up some last minute Father's Day things.  Well....you KNOW what that means....Target Deals!!  I got all this plus two $1 items I picked up for the kids

for a grand total of..... .69 cents!!  I saved $19.47.  I got everything for free people!  I started getting nervous when the amount got so low cause I didn't know if I had any cash on me but I was able to pull some together. 

After Target I ran to Kohl's and JCPenney and got 2 more items for free with coupons I had.  I can't disclose what they are at this time cause they are gifts.  So...let's just break this down for ya...3 stores and my total was .69 cents. 

After all my couponing I did run to a farm supply store and they had all their hanging baskets marked 75% off so I got 6 hanging baskets for under $20.  All this and I was back by noon and had killed the mower by 1pm.  What a day!

Yet ANOTHER alien reference

Remember that scene in Independence Day when Will Smith's character comes out of the house and sees the spaceship for the first time?  That's kinda what this looked like on the horizon...except this one was swirling. 

Afternoon Storms

I've heard that corn needs lots of hot, humidity and rain to thrive.  Well, I'm predicting a bumper crop this year.  It's hot.  It's humid.  And it rains everyday.       

I feel like we are almost living in the rain forest lately cause along with the 100% humidity and upper 90 degree temperature's it has rained EVERY day for weeks.  Not just little rains but HUGE, big, sweeping around the prairie, rains.  Rains that come on so hard and so fast that it's really amazing. 

But after a few minutes when when they are done the sun comes out and we get this...

beautiful double rainbows. 

It's Mother Nature wonderful??

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, while the kids where playing

on the fabulous new swing set

and slip-n-slide at my friend Meagan's last week.....

she was inside making this for my sister! 

It's the most fabulous laptop cover EVER!  A year ago I found this cool idea on a blog to make a laptop cover that looked like an Etch-A-Sketch.  I instantly thought of my sister! 

Little known fact about my sister:  She can take an Etch-A-Sketch and make the most wonderful pictures.  Not just squares and maybe a house with smoke coming out of it but ACTUAL pictures. 

I tried to get the lady to make it for me but she refused.  I thought maybe I could make it myself but who am I kidding??  So, I bribed Meagan with fabulous food (frozen pizza) and drink (margaritas) to make it for me.  She whipped it out in no time just from looking at a toy Etch-A-Sketch she had at the house.  She even hand embroidered the writing on the top.  Seriously people!  Who does that?!  It's good to have talented friends with a useful degrees from a prestigious university. 

Disclaimer:  This item was a gift.  No pattern was followed and no money exchanged hands at any time....only pizza and limes.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some just don't appreciate good aprons

UPDATE: My sister just called me laughing and breathing evilly (my friend Rachel thinks she breaths evilly and now I think I might agree) cause apparently she didn't think the iBake Apron was better than her Coke. She was making fun of me the WHOLE time and I didn't know it.  She doesn't think I rock.  Well fine! See if I ever let HER use my super-cool apron! That'll teach her to make fun of me.

Disneyland in the back yard

Last week was my dear wonderful friend Meagan's birthday.  We have been friends for 16 years...there was a couple year break in the middle of that but we won't talk about that....and there is so much history between us.  I'm pretty sure between the two of us we have consumed gallons and gallons of ice-cream, sunscreen, and chips & salsa.  She only lives less than an hour and a half from me now...which is NOTHING compared to what it was LAST year.  So, for her birthday I threw the kids in the car and we headed south for a little visit. 

Her kids have a new play set and you would have thought my kids where in Disney Land.  They were out of the car and Bubby was trying to scale the fence before I could barely get the car in park. 

There was much swinging....

and sliding....

and more sliding...

and still more sliding!

It was a beautiful breezy day and the kids had a ball!!

Happy Birthday Meagan!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

iBake with iPod

I LOVE aprons!  I have a lot of them.  I wear them all the time too.  A little 1950's?  Yes.  A little too housewifey?  Yes....but I don't care.  I think they are too cute.  While wearing aprons and cooking I like to listen to my iPod.  Sometimes I need some music to drown out the kids relax to or maybe an audio book.  I'm really loving the audio book right now.  My friend Rachel insisted I get some to listen to while knitting or cooking and I really love the idea.  Well, Rachel...wait till you see this apron!!!

One day I was complaining to my friend Meagan that I needed an apron with an iPod pocket.  Something that would keep my iPod safe and clean plus keep the earphones out of the way.  She said she would see what she could do.  Look what I got for my birthday!!

Wait till you see all the features this apron has to offer!!  Meagan made me the most BEAUTIFUL apron.  Not only is it beautiful it's reversible so when one side gets dirty I just turn it around. Just kidding!  Not really.

Now...are you ready for this???  It has an iPod pocket!!  I'm so excited about this! 

You slip the iPod into the pocket and then you put the plug through a tiny button hole inside the pocket that keeps the cord hidden. 

The iPod stays save and clean and the earphone cords stays out of the way. 
On the way home from Meagan's house I was talking to my sister on the phone.  It was about 8pm and she was bragging that she was in a nearby city getting a Coke and getting ready to go to a concert.  She thought I would be all jealous.  I told her that was great but that I had a new apron with an iPod pocket.  She was silent for a moment and then she said, "You win...that rocks!"  That's right...I will be the best rockin' housewife on the block. 

Thanks Meagan!!!

Disclaimer:  This apron was a gift.  At no time was a pattern used or copied.  Face it people....Meagan is just that good. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Non-disclosed Cherries

Is this not the prettiest sight you have ever seen?!  A friend allowed me to come and pick cherries from her tree this morning and I would have to say they were the prettiest cherries I've ever seen.  What friend you might ask??  Well, I will NEVER tell!!  If I tell you I might show up next year and all the cherries will be gone.  Selfish??  Yeah, maybe a little. 

So far today was the hottest day of the year.  90-something degrees and a heat index well into the 100's.  Perfect day for standing outside in the sun picking fruit.  (sorry...I think the heat got to me today) 

This was by far the BEST cherry picking experience I have ever had.  There were no weeds, bugs, dogs or my dad standing behind me telling me I'm picking wrong.  I could drive the truck right up under the tree and I had a little helper. 

We had picked and were back home by 10am so really the heat wasn't too bad.  We had a nice breeze and it was such a pleasant experience.  The canning part was the hottest part.  (I need a summer kitchen!)  We picked enough for 8 quarts, which is really just enough for us.  That's 8 cherry pies this year.  Can't wait!

Thanks C!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday

Hey! That's mine!

Hey!!  Someone's sitting on my hammock!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sissy and her BFF.  Such danty little wallflowers. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lacking ambition

Large storm moved through pretty quick around noon today.  I could see it coming for miles and it hit the side of the house like a truck!  Mother Nature sure is amazing sometimes.  (That corn shouldn't be laying down like that.)

I'm still dragging from my cold last week.  Haven't had much ambition lately.  Saturday I met my mom and aunt for a little shopping.  I was so done after the first store!  Sunday, after church, I finished mowing the yard and then met some girls to see Sex & the City.  It was a really good time!  It was fun to get away for a little while.  Monday I did Spin class and after a week off it was really tough!  This morning at the gym was even harder.  I think I need a nap.

It's a lot cooler today so I'm thinking I need to bake something.  Maybe I'll nap first....

Friday, June 4, 2010

More retail therapy was needed

I decided this morning I needed to head to town to pick up some things from Aldi and if I'm going to the trouble to go to Aldi then I might as well do a little Walgreen's shopping while I am at it.  Hey...it totally made since to me!

 Can you guess what this cost??  A grand total of $7.94!  I saved $47.44.  Such a worthwhile trip!!

Memorial Day Weekend Re-cap

We traveled to see family this past weekend and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  Warm but not blistering hot with a side of humidity poured on top.  Just right.... 

There was corn to be shucked..... 

.....and boiled. 

There was apple strudel to be eaten.

There were cousins....

and more cousins.

There were Aunts...

and then there were Uncles stealing another smoked turkey leg.

There were cousins enjoying homemade strawberry shortcake.

There were fishing buddies plotting their next move.... 

....and then there was some fishing going on. 

and in the middle of it all was Cheshur (Chester), my cousin Jennifer's much loved french bulldog.  This is a dog who knows his priorities.  He guarded the cooler all the way to the campground ......

and then found his way to the coolest spot he could find...the lake!

After a long day of food, fun and family we packed up 2 exhausted kids and 2 doubly exhausted parents and headed home.  Hope you had a happy Memorial Day Weekend!!