Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Slower Life...But Not On Purpose

My friend Meagan decided to finally brave the country roads and visit us last week.  Some background:  My friend grew up in a small town just as I did but she has since moved to the big city.  She has a beautiful home with the white picket fence on a cul-de-sac which is exactly where she has always wanted to be.  Me....I live in a old farmhouse with a VERY crummy road...which is exactly where I want to be...except for the crummy road part. 

As her and her kids are getting farther and farther from the city the kids are getting more and more nervous.  'Mom!  Why is the road so bumpy?!  MOM!  Where are the houses?  Mom!  Are we lost?'  I think they were a little culture shocked.  But they soon learned a huge backyard, water pistols, a sprinkler, swing set and chickens make for a fun afternoon.      
Everyone got their bikes out and had a great time riding up and down the driveway. 
Bubby had to give his friend a little push every now and again...whether she needed it or not. 
After much sprinkler fun they had to test out the sandbox a little. 
After lunch we decided we needed to make a ice-cream run.  We can NEVER get together without eating ice-cream!  It's just the way things are. 
On the way into town Meagan was reminded of what it was like to live in a small town.  First we passed a guy on a lawnmower going to get gas at the Casey's, of course.  Then closer into town we met 2 tractors and a truck pulling anhydrous tanks.  Luckily we didn't have to drive behind them! 

There is a reason life is slower around here...and it's not always cause we want it to be. 


Meagan said...

It was so kind of you NOT to mention this was last years bday present :/ THIS years is almost done. I will mail it. I promise :)

Rachel said...

Wait? What? REALLY?

(You know what I'm talking about here . . )