Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rockets of Bubble Fun

When my friend was here last week she brought lots of fun toys with her for the kids to play with.  The Gazillion Bubble Rocket was a huge hit. 
'Simply pour Gazillion bubble solution into the tray of the launch pad, place the rocket on the launcher, and with your stomping power launch the bubble rocket for a bubble trail of sky high fun.'

To be honest there wasn't all that many bubbles that were launched with the rocket
but nobody seemed to notice.  Bubby loved showing the girls how it was done. 

It sure did burn off a lot of energy!
Sometimes it's better to get a running start.

The huge running start seemed to make up for the fact that not that many bubbles went up into the air. 
Everyone gave it a try...even if she couldn't quite figure it out. 
It's been rumored there are pics of me jumping on the bubble maker but I haven't found them.  Luckily all pictures where taken with MY camera. 

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Don't delete those pictures of you jumpin! Just think when you are of and infirm you will want to see how athletic you once were.