Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Place mat Purse

My friend Meagan came to visit me last week (FINALLY) and she came baring gifts.  Note to future guests:  If you come bearing gifts I will like you even more.  Just kidding.....not really.  She made me this fun place mat purse.  The outside of the purse is made from 2 woven plate mats sewn together with twine and then the inside 'lining' is made from 2 napkins sewn together.  How fun is this?!  It's totally impractical and won't hold very much but I love it! 

Inside the purse she filled with lots of my favorite things:  Coke, M&M's, trashy magazines and a book of quotes.  Perfect present!!
Thanks!  Come back anytime!

1 comment:

jskippy11 said...

OMG... I LOVE that purse... that is the cutest thing I have seen... I want one! Dang you guys are creative!