Monday, May 3, 2010


We kicked off May with a BANG around here. Saturday we hosted a 4 year old boy party. In the past I have gone all out on parties...homemade invites, games, decorations, fancy cakes and lots of food. This year I got real lazy. I bought all the invites and party decorations. I know...I'm a disappointment but 4 year old boys could care less. I could have given them a bowl of sugar and a water gun and they would have been happy. I did make the cup cakes from scratch...or from a box...however you want to say it. I know...there are a few of you who are greatly disappointed in me....I apologize.
Bubby was so excited when he woke up on Saturday morning. He couldn't wait for his Diego party! He had insisted all week it was a BOY ONLY NO GIRLS ALLOWED party but then on Saturday he kept asking why all the girls from his class weren't there. But once the ALL BOY presents started rolling in he forgot all about the girls. There was lots of running, playing, and water-gun fights. After everyone left he took a bath and after he dried his hair he came out looking like a member of Flock of Seagulls.

Now he wants to know since his 4 year old party is now over is he 5??

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Anonymous said...

He looks just like Wolverine with that hair!!!