Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sunday afternoon we were lucky enough to take the kids out to a friend of mines house to fish. They had so much fun! The Hunter has been taking the kids fishing since they could walk so they really have grown to love it. He used to put Bubby in a pack-n-play and Sissy was basically toddling around and he would fish. As the kids got older he would give them a pole without a hook and they would just practice casting all day.  They thought they were fishing big time!
The boys were extremely impressed with Sissy's mad casting skills. 

She can cast and fish better than most.  
She was the only girl there and I don't think the boys cared if she was there or not but once she caught the first fish she was considered one of the boys. 
Even Bubby got in on the fun!  His face doesn't show it but he really was excited to get a fish.
After the fishing adventure we went to another friends for a backyard BBQ, inhaled some food and then took off for a swimming party. 
So much fun!  But they were so tired.  Home, bathed and sound asleep by 7pm.  A good day. 


jskippy11 said...

I'm pretty sure the only time my kids where asleep at 7 pm was if they were taking a nap! The other night Holly was awake PAST 11:00 following her dad everywhere he went, because she knew he was going to be leaving the next day! They were, however, both in bed (my bed) and asleep before 10 last night.. THAT is huge at our house! Can you tell me why exactly mornings are so awful at my house?? ;)

Liz Foley said...

Seriously - Bubby looks JUST like Jeremy!!!

Rachel said...

Did I ever tell you about the first time I went fishing? It was about four years ago, and I tried and tried to cast but I couldn't get the hooker end to go out over the water. Then Andy thinks to tell me, "oh, you have to let go of the button . . "

Grrrr. I prefer spear fishing. It's more sporting if you're in the water with your prey :)