Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another not so pretty dessert

So, my friend gave me this recipe for these beautiful looking Mini Rhubarb Strawberry Galettes
Aren't they pretty! 

(Photo courtesy of Cooking with Amy)

The recipe was very simple to follow but for some reason mine did not turn out so pretty.  The juice from the berries ran all over the cookie sheet and burned.  Apparently I didn't have the sides of the dough folded and pinched off correctly.  They were still good...but didn't look like the picture at all!!  When it cools off maybe I'll have to try it again. 

Disclaimer:  I'm sure Amy from Cooking with Amy is a GREAT cook.  She writes great recipes and takes beautiful pictures.  No where did I claim this was my recipe or that my lack of skills was Amy's fault.  I take full responsibility for this disaster


Cindy said...

Desserts don't need to be pretty. They just need to give me a sugar buzz. LOL

All Natural Mama said...

Love that you're keeping it real, lol.

Linda Byrd said...

LOL! My results were similar when I made "Emergency Fruit Crostadas" from The Pastry Queen cookbook by Rebecca Rather. But man, were they good! (and here, I second your disclaimer!)