Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trying to Make Sense of it all

I've joined yet another book club. We are all lover's of Jane Austen and all books classic so we decided to form a club where we read books we SHOULD have read by now but haven't. (doing our best Wilson impersonation)

We decided our first selection should be Sense and Sensibility because most of us had seen the movie and it was a small book...i.e. should be a easier read than say Anna Karenina or something.

I REALLY love this movie. I've seen all versions. I can recite most lines from the movie and I have the soundtrack from what I refer to as the Kate Winslet version. I thought I had read the book already but apparently I hadn't got all the way through it cause there was stuff at the end that I hadn't heard of.

We all enjoyed the book and declared our first read a success. Cindy has picked the second book, Walden by Henry David Thoreau....yeah...THAT Walden. I gotta tell ya...I'm on page 30 and I'm not feeling it. He REALLY needs to get to the point already! Cindy says it's about the journey not the destination but I'm a control freak and I kinda like to know where I'm going. If I get to the end of this journey and he STILL hasn't got to the point someone is going to be in trouble. It's kinda like Lost. If it's not all explained in the end I'm going to hurt someone!

Maybe that's why we are reading I can learn to let go a bit and enjoy the journey. We'll see....


Cindy said...

Ideas, Lynn. Thoreau has GREAT ideas. Thanks for plodding along through Walden for me :) And for being my friend.

Rachel said...

Ha ha, you're too funny! Love the photo with you and all the girls.

One thing about S & S that you get in the books but not as much in the movie, is how despicable and low class Lucy is. Such shocking manners (said with corny british accent :)

Dawn said...

I love your new "reactions" comments at the bottom of the post. Will you please include a "that's what she said" selection?