Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sugar, screaming and BFF's

We partied this weekend as only Carly and Sam could. I downloaded the iCarly theme song for Sissy this weekend and I can't get it out of my head! Go ahead...I dare ya to go on over here and listen to it. The boys were out of town turkey hunting so I thought this would be a good weekend for a slumber party. A slumber party with 6 little 7 year olds. Sigh....they were so much fun but have so much energy!! I can now see why Kate Gosslin would want to go clear across the country to humiliate herself on Dancing with the Stars. I would want to get away too! I had considered doing some kind of craft or project with them but they just sugared up, played outside till way after dark then came in for more sugar. Thank God my friend Haley brought me a coke so I could keep up with them.
There was much screaming, laughing and saying things like O-M-G! and LOL and BFF. They are like 7 going on 17 it was too funny. Haley and I just sat on the couch and laughed at their craziness all night. They all seemed to have a good time. After they left Saturday morning Sis and I headed to an American Girl tea party at the local library and then we came home and slept the afternoon away. Very peaceful day.....after the screaming girls left.


Rachel said...

An American Girl Tea Party? Were there anti-Democratic tea drinkers there?

(Ha ha, I'm asking because I almost took Breanna to a Tea Party which was held in the Lena Historical Museum, but WASN'T a "tea party" sort of tea party! Whoops!)

The Professor's Wife said...

Thanks for letting me hang out with you. So much fun! I guess I will just have to ignore any texts declining coke offers.

The Professor's Wife said...

I guess I will just have to ignore any texts declining Coke offers. So much fun! Thanks for letting me hang out.