Monday, April 5, 2010

Not a warm fuzzy memory kind of day

You ever have one of those days where in your mind you have this perfect wonderful family outing all planned out??  You think it's going to be all Norman Rockwell and it turns all Clark W. Griswold on ya? 
Yeah...that was my Thursday.  The Professor's Wife and I had these glorious family memories we were going to make at the Zoo.  The children were going to see all the animals then we were going to have a nice picnic in the park.  It started out all innocent....6 kids, 2 adults, one stroller, 2 coolers and 9,000 other people with the SAME idea as us. 
I have NEVER seen this many people at the zoo...even on a weekend! 
I probably ruined their trip to the zoo but it was just too much for me.  There were too many people and I was all freaked out about losing the kids (I've done it before) and it was the first really warm day that we've had.  By noon I was DONE.  I really do think there is a reason I am living in the middle of nowhere.  I seriously don't like to leave my house anymore!  Anytime we go anywhere where there are more than 50 people I start to get all freaked out.  I think I have Agoraphobia and I'm going to turn into Paula Deen soon. 

I think Bubby has the same issue sometimes.  Anytime we are gone all day running errands he can't wait to get back home.  He is always asking where our house is and if we are going back.  (or maybe we just move too much and he's wondering what house we are going to next) 
This guy was a total know-it-all.  He didn't like the Professor's Wife stealing his jokes about the size of elephant sunscreen. Some people like to have all the attention! 

We only did The River's Edge part of the zoo, ate lunch and I was done.  I told my friend I was taking my kids and leaving and she could do what she wanted.  I'm such a great friend, aren't I?   

We made memories on Thursday but not sure they were the right ones.  My kids didn't seem to notice we weren't there that long....we'll go back again....maybe on a Monday???  Shhhh....don't tell anyone else!

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Susan said...

Yes I have planned these wonderful things to do with my family then they turn out to be a complete nightmare. Brads back hurts, Hannahs bord, but usually it's just the fact that the 2 year old is just too young and it makes it impossible to have any fun..Brad says we have plenty of time to make memories give her time to grow up and learn to listen first..