Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's in my genes

When I smell fresh cut grass I always think of my Grandma Fern. She loved to mow the yard. Let me rephrase that....she LIVED to mow her yard twice a week whether it needed it or not. She used to mow that grass within an inch of it's life! If by chance she would let you mow for her she would follow you around the yard making sure it was done the correct way. The lines HAD to be just right and STRAIGHT. If you didn't have straight lines then God help you. You also had to throw all the grass the same direction so when you were done the clippings were all piled in a straight line and then you got to help rake them all up.

Apparently I received some of her genes cause I love to mow too. I like to be on the rider but the push mower will do...I just like mowing. People leave you alone when you are mowing. They think you are working. They don't know I'm out there talking to myself...working out all my issues and problems. (Or maybe they do and that is why they leave me alone).
Even with Grandma Fern's genes in me I could care less about the lines. I like to get it done cause I have a lot of other things to do too. On the other hand The Hunter used to work for a landscaping company and this about KILLS him. Apparently he takes after MY grandma more than me cause he wants the criss-cross lines too. Since we don't have a zero-turn radius mower I think it takes too much time to create those lines. And besides...who we trying to impress?? The 6 cars that go by in a day?Not only to I disregard the lines I also disregard the speed limit on the mower. I like to get it mowed and get it mowed FAST. This was much to my dad's dismay. Growing up I would be on the rider and I would ALWAYS be going too fast for my dad's taste. (Really he just thinks I drive everything too fast.) He would stand in the yard CONSTANTLY telling me I was going too fast and to put in level 2 not 4. I hated put-putting around the yard going 2mph. The minute he would go in the house I would crank it to level 4 and zoom across the yard and then most likely run over a small tree...but we aren't going to talk about that here cause it's MY blog after all.
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Basically what this comes down to is someone has been yelling at me my whole life about how I mow the yard. My dad, my grandma and now my husband. My lines are off, I drive too fast and now the big thing at our house is how low I cut the grass. The Hunter wants it cut high. I's healthier for the grass and supposed to look better but we don't have a yard full of REAL grass. Oh it's all green but it's not what you would call lush subdivision grass. If you mow it high then within 4 days it looks like it needs mowed again. I don't have time to mow the grass twice a week. When I get to Grandma's age I most likely will but for right now I want it cut short and I don't want to mess with it till next week. So, last year we went round and round with how low I had the deck on the mower.

This year The Hunter fixed the issue....He put a bolt on level 4 so I can't mow any lower!! I guess I'll be mowing it as high as he wants...or finding a wrench.


Dawn said...

you have no idea how my stomach clenched when I scrolled down to that picture of grandma.

Rachel said...

Ummmm, don't you ever be chiding Liz about the lines in her carpet, ha ha!

Cindy said...

I am a total diva and refuse to mow grass. LOL

Anonymous said...

I honestly laughed out loud when I saw the last picture with the bolt at #4!!