Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm tired

What a day!! By 9:30am this morning I had:
  • stripped all the bed
  • washed all bedclothes
  • hung bedclothes on line
  • washed all rugs
  • hung rugs on line
  • mopped out 2 bathrooms
  • mopped kitchen floor
  • checked Facebook a lot
  • fed, dressed and rushed Sissy out door to bus
  • fed and dressed myself and Bubby
  • off to the chiropractor

I had every intention of heading to Target and the mall to get some freebies but Bubby somehow lost a shoe between the house and the chiropractor. Not sure what happened but when we arrived in town he had one shoe on. While laying there on the chiropractor table I decided this was someones way of telling me I should just stay in town. I really had no business running up the highway for a couple of freebies. If we left town I would have to buy him another pair of shoes and that was just crazy. So, I made due at the Dollar Store and Walmart. I got what I needed and I was ok...but I still need a Target fix.

Tomorrow I plan on sitting on the couch and watching a movie.


jskippy11 said...

You make me feel so lazy :) Could you please come stay with me for awhile... I need you to motivate me I think! you are truely amazing! I don't even like to get out of bed before 9:30!!!

Mellodee said...

Yikes, what a workout! Just reading your list makes me feel like a slug....but that's ok, I had my years like that a long time ago. I think it's why my hair is grey now! Anyway, I can't do all that in one day anymore or to be truthful, not even in one week! And to be really, painfully truthful, I'm not sure that I ever really did! I'm pretty sure my "slugdom" is genetic!! :)