Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Wrap-Up

Another post about eggs...wow! this is a shocker. 

I had been told I couldn't color the brown eggs for Easter but I felt rather silly going out to buy store bought eggs when we are getting almost a dozen a day.  We get one to two white ones a day so I have been saving them just in case the browns ones didn't work.  But after reading online I decided the brown ones would color just fine. 

So...basically...I have brown eggs and we colored them and it worked.  End of post.  No...that's not the end of the post...that would be just plain silly.  I have to walk you through all the steps now.  
I used the same food coloring dye I use for cake icing.  I measured out a cup of warm water and desolved some dye in the water till I got the right color.  Then added 1/4 cup of white vinegar.   

Careful cause you will dye your white sink if you aren't careful.  I'm just saying...
All in all the brown egg coloring went well.  Bubby was very into orange this year and the darkest brown egg turned the darkest orange.  Everyone was happy with the results so I don't have to worry about buying white eggs or the store egg coloring kits anymore.     
The Easter Bunny tried to bring the kids things that where fun but they still needed.  I'm so tired of all the crappy toys and candy that's been coming into the house.  So, Bubby got a beach towel, bike helmet and horn, spiderman band-aids and ice-pack (for when he fall off his bike) and things to help daddy in the garden.   
Sissy got a small scrapbook, new Crocs, a swimsuit and things to help daddy in the garden with.  Don't worry...they both received a chocolate Easter bunny and some candy but not a ton. 
They both also received their most prized gift....Flarp putty.  It's like silly putty but it makes a flarp sound when you press it into the cup.  Super exciting!
There are no pictures of Bubby that are in focus...sorry.  TO-MUCH-SUGAR!  The boy loves his 'Easter beans'. 
After Easter baskets it was time to hunt for eggs.  Notice Sissy's feet not touching the ground....they are SUPER excited!!
We really had a most relaxing day.  Church, egg-hunts, steak on the grill and later an evening with friends.  Very relaxing!  Couldn't ask for a better day.  Hope you had a happy Easter too!


Suzanne said...

Hey gal . . . you know who you should of talk to about them there brown eggs! :) I would have told you that they would turn out fine . . . little darker . . . no pastels . . . but still very pretty! Yours look great!!! Looks like the kiddos done good! Side note: I often buy brown eggs. I think they have a tad better taste.

Anonymous said...

those eggs turned out GREAT!!!! Also my parents were the same way with Easter baskets when I was a Kid :)
-Jennifer an Chester

Cindy said...

So cute! Good tip on the brown eggs...I went to the store to buy a dozen white eggs to use. Not next year!

Rachel said...

What silly person told you that?! Of COURSE they'll dye! They might be darker, but I think that makes them look even better!

Cool stuff in those baskets!