Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tooth Fairy Crisis

She lost another tooth Monday night.  I told her to put her tooth pillow next to her bed so the Tooth Fairy would have an easier time finding it.  I didn't want her to have search under all her pillows, blankets and stuffed animals....if ya know what I mean. 
Soooo....Tuesday morning she wakes up and comes running into the bedroom to show me her tooth was STILL IN THE PILLOW POCKET!  ACK!!  How could the Tooth Fairy have forgotten???  I told her she must have not been able to find it since it wasn't under her pillow...right?...right?? 

So, the little pillow goes UNDER her big pillow and it was all good this morning.  Crisis adverted....sigh...

1 comment:

Mellodee said...

Ooops! Even the Tooth Fairy can have a bad day. :)