Monday, March 1, 2010

Meet Lopi

Let me introduce Lopi (pronounced Low-pie). Isn't she beautiful!? She is the newest addition to our family and I just can not express my love for her enough. Even though Spring is right around the corner...right?...right?? it's still pretty chilly here and our furnace is running way too much.

We live in a very old house and I love living in an old house BUT I really do not think these old houses are meant to be heated with furnaces. The poor furnace can't keep up with this bone-chilling winter we have had and I am ALWAYS cold. We also really dislike giving all our extra money to the propane company. So, we finally bit the bullet and purchased Lopi. She sits on a premade fireproof slate pad. Since we are renting we wanted to disturb as little as possible about the house (i.e. keep the green shag carpet in tact). She can easily be taken with us when we decide to move on.

Not only do we really like being warm we also like not be dependent upon someone else for our warmth and/or fuel. I recently heard a speaker mention a book by Aldo Leopold entitled Sand County Almanac. I'm paraphrasing here (cause I can't seem to find the book anywhere so I can't copy the thought word for word) but the author states that 'children today grow up thinking food comes from the store and heat comes from the furnace'. Little at a time we are trying to teach our children different. Hopefully it will make them a little more responsible for the world around them.

Don't worry I haven't gone off the deep end...I'm not going to give up shopping. The Hunter is the one that REALLY wants to live off the land. I personally just want to save all money to spend at Target and Eddie Bauer.


jskippy11 said...

NICE... so warm and comfy... I think I want to come visit!

Mellodee said...

Hmmmm, efficient, saves money, very "homey", more natural, a lovely focal point, and best of all.... HEAT. I want one of my very own!

Rachel said...

Lol, you're such a hoot! That's great about your new stove. Nice and comfy!

All Natural Mama said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, I am soooo jealous. When we were bidding on the farmhouse last month I was looking at woodstoves, and the Lopi brand was what I wanted. I didn't know you could buy a prefab slab for it to sit on, that's great. I thought we'd have to install one on the floor & wall. Nice to know there is the option of prefab.
I do have questions for you, though. I wondered:

- how often I would have to reload it and how big of a pain this would be with screaming toddlers hanging on my leg
- would it heat the upstairs bedrooms well enough in winter, if the stove was downstairs?
- did you have to hire someone to install it, or did Jeremy do it?
- did you have to vent it out of the top of the roof? Or did you go through a wall?

Let me know! Hey, how is it going with the chickens? I had been planning on getting some as well if we had bought the farmhouse.