Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making Beignets

This weekend I was giving a box of Beignet Mix. It's supposed to be from the Cafe Du Monde which is in the french market in New Orleans. I have heard of these but I've never been to New Orleans so I really don't know anything about them. I decided even though the recipe called for 'cooking in oil' I would give them a try because, hey! how bad could a french doughnut be? I stirred together 2 cups of the mix and 7oz of water then rolled it onto a well floured surface. They were VERY sticky and runny and I thought I was going to have issues rolling them out and then getting them off the counter but it worked out.
Used LOTS of flour! I do not ever fry things in oil...maybe if The Hunter brings home catfish but that is about it. I used Smart Balance oil...it made me feel a little better about myself. I headed the oil to 370 degrees.

Then I dropped the french doughnuts into the oil after I had cut them into squares.

Mine didn't turn out perfectly square but that is ok. I then sprinkled them generously with powdered sugar.

To be honest I wasn't all that impressed.....they tasted like funnel cakes. I'm all about a good funnel cake but I was thinking these would taste like more. I'm sure if I went to New Orleans and had these they would be the best little doughnuts EVER but personally I don't think they were worth the mess.

Guess I'm going to have to travel south and try these in their native environment.

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All Natural Mama said...

Ahhhh, New Orleans. Nate & I visited before having the kids. I was a huge Anne Rice fan for many years, so if you've read her you'll know why I had to visit. Loved the Garden District. And the cemetaries and architecture.
It was a great place... what I remember of it. I lost track of an afternoon and night that started with hurricane drinks at the famous bar that serves them (name? don't remember, of course. Maybe Pat O'Brien's?, lol). Then the night ended with us making new friends, hitting many more bars, and ending up in the Hustler strip club on Bourbon Street. Yeah, that was some trip. I think we even ate at a French restaurant with our new friends at some point during the night....