Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Facebook REALLY My Friend?

(This picture has nothing to do with this post....just found it on my camera and thought it was funny).

After a few hurt feelings (because of me) and rude comments (not mine) this week I decided it was time to log off Facebook for awhile. This has been coming for awhile but I have felt as if there was way too much drama on there and too much time being wasted (on my part).

Myself and 2 of my friends have decided to join together (and keep each other honest) and log off till at least Easter. If come Easter I decide I can live without it I'm going to cancel my Facebook account all together. We all 3 had some crazy drama on Monday from 3 different sources and we just decided enough was enough.

So, today at the gym I was talking to my friend, Susan, who laughed and (jokingly) called me a Facebook junkie. She couldn't believe I was off and was going to be able to stay off. I told her I wasn't going offline all together and she could still email, call or text me. I am only going to unconnect from this fake social world I had created online. She told me she couldn't email me cause she didn't have my email address. Then it hit me! Her and I talk almost EVERYDAY at the gym. We sweat, run, gripe, squat, moan, bike, crunch, moan, gripe, and laugh together every morning of the week. We also talk on Facebook everyday...but that is it! She doesn't even have my email or phone number! Are we really friends then?? If our only connection is Facebook are we REALLY friends?

I am speaking for myself only but I feel as if Facebook has created a very unsocial world. I look at wall posts or pictures from others and think, 'well I haven't done anything like that today...I must be lazy' or 'another vacation, huh? Third one this year....isn't that nice.' It makes me an evil person! I have issues I know...I'm drinking a coke and I'm working on these issues now.

Facebook is great but I have come to the conclusion Facebook is a noncommittal way to keep in touch with people. You can drop a couple of one-liners a couple times a day and all of a sudden you call yourself a friend. Just cause I know somebody just got back from doing their taxes does not make me that much closer to them. Do I really care? No I don't. But for some reason I check-in a 100 times a day so I don't miss a single detail of people I don't even really know.

So, I guess what I'm saying is....if you really are my friend you will find a way to keep in touch with me without the help of Facebook. You will pick up the phone at least once a week and call me. You'll send me an email and ask what's up? (maybe even a real letter?!?!)

It's really not all that hard. People used to actually go out and pluck a goose for a quill, smash up the berries to make ink and then make paper (however they did that) and then sit down to write a letter. Then they would give the letter to someone who risked their life to deliver it to the friend. You had to wait weeks, months or even a year to hear a response. We really do have it a lot easier but for some reason we are all SO BUSY that all we can muster up is a one-line wall post that says, 'I just went to the bathroom'. Not sure Jane Austen would be all that impressed.


Dawn said...

good luck with your "anti-social" experiment. I'm sure I will be doing the same one day.

Cindy said...

A girl after my own heart! Well said. By the way, I need your phone number :)

jskippy11 said...

I wondered about why your were giving yourself a self imposed vacation.... sorry you had hurt feelings.. and I know exactly what you mean about checking in 100 times a day! Thank god I can still leave comments on your blog :)

Nikki said...

LOL, I could live without facebook as well as I could live without texting... :)

Anonymous said...

And drinking a COKE!!!

Susan said...

I will be here everyday to see what you're up to. And as well I need your phone number and I do consider you a friend.. I will not be visiting FB as often because I have things that need to be done and I'm looking for a new hobby.. Any suggestions??

Rachel said...

I totally agree with you. I think the danger of all these Twitter/Facebook social sites is that it makes people have social lives that don't really fulfill a deep need for friendship. I like Facebook for the ability to keep up with people, but I don't kid myself into thinking that Facebook helps me be a good friend. A good friend drops off bread when you're sick or takes you out to eat when you're feeling low, ya know? Can't do that on Facebook!

The Professor's Wife said...

Just wanted to let you know that my address is:
19898 West...
I love you! Hope your self-imposed facebook exile is not too costly when it comes to your friends. I am so glad to have a kindred spirit so close.