Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Friendly Little Notebook

Everyday I check out JadeMingmei Designs to see what wonderful little things she has created. I always look at her cards and think 'Oh! I could make that' or 'I should make that!' But then I don't.....So, basically I stalk her site and ogle her creations and do nothing about it.

Well...I finally decided to do something about it. Right before Valentine's Day I fell in love with this little notebook. I thought it would be PERFECT for a friend of mine. Something cute to keep in her purse to jot down grocery lists or things she wanted to remember for later.So I hopped over to Dawn's Etsy shop and bought it right away. Did you get it in the mail? Did you think it was too cute?? Are you using it everyday to jot down all your most important thoughts? No? Confession time: it arrived in the mail and it was so stinkin' cute I couldn't part with it. I KEPT IT!! I know...isn't that horrible?! I haven't even taken it out of the wrapping. It's so adorable that I can't even bare to put it in my own purse. So, basically it's sitting on my desk staring at me. Reminding me of how I'm a horrible friend and I keep presents intended for others. make myself feel better I'm going to take it out of the wrapper and begin to use it. That will make me feel much better. I'll just call my friend. She would rather hear my voice anyway, right? Right???

{Photos courtesy of JadeMingmei Designs}

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Dawn said...

You are SO BAD! Does your "friend" stalk your site???!! You crack me up Lynn! Thank for the kind words...stalk away:)