Friday, March 12, 2010

Flipflopping Handmade Journal

When I moved many months ago my friend Cheryl gave me this wonderful handmade journal. She said I could can use it for recipes, notes, pictures, quotes, addresses...whatever I wanted.

Cheryl makes the most beautiful, eclectic cards and notebooks. She uses materials I would never think of brown paper bags and pieces of wrapping paper. She can take a pile of papers, ribbons and even old books and turn them into the most beautiful handmade items. I'm going to use my little journal to keep quotes in. I don't know how many times I have been reading a book or a magazine article and I come across a line in the book or a quote from a famous person and I think wow! that is really good...I should go and write that down! But of course I never do. I always think I'll do it later or I'll remember that saying.Not all the most memorable lines are famous quotes from famous people. Sometimes the character in a book just says something that really hits home for me or while reading a magazine article I think 'that is so true!!' I found this line while reading an article on downsizing and living in a smaller home. I can't even remember the magazine it was in. The author had raised a large family in a ridiculously small home. Her and her husband had decided they would LIVE in their home instead of having whole rooms dedicated to the piano, the tv, the dining table, the bed. They wanted to LIVE in each room. Something about LIVING in each room really made me think.

A home is a place to do things, not store things. It's not meant to house your possessions, but your life. --Celia Barbour

This particular quote IS from a famous person but I thought it so true.

You never just go and do something because someone else is doing it. That is wrong. you never just follow the crowd for the sake of following the crowd because you don't like to stand out. You make up your own mind about what is right. And then you try to persuade other people to follow you. --Margaret Thatcher

Thanks Cheryl for giving me an outlet for all those quotes and lines that are floating around in my head.


Anonymous said...

I am such a quote girl and I also keep them in a journal. I have to say these two quotes are going into mine!! You know the downsizing story could have been me! I have been working with two ladies that have SO much stuff that they need that first quote! Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

What a beautiful gift! You know, I should keep a quote book so that I can write down all the crazy things the kids say. (Like Boo saying that her mama killed Baby Jesus. With a knife.)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to have a page devoted to Jane Austin quotes.


Cindy said...

When you flip flop to another project, could it be to make your friend Cindy one of those notebooks? Just a suggestion... :)