Thursday, March 4, 2010

Engagement, Sympathy's and Thank You's

Last month I made a couple of cards for a couple different people for VERY different reasons. This first card is for my friends Matt and Lisa who just got engaged. I am so excited for them. They are such a fun couple. My friend Meagan lost her Grandpa a couple weeks ago and I wanted to send her dad a more masculine sympathy card. You can't go wrong with masculine is that? Well...I guess it's only masculine if you are British but it sure beats a card with flowers I guess. For Meagan I made a Thinking of You card instead of the sympathy. No reason other than I wanted to used my new Thinking of You stamp. This red and white card is absolutely perfect and that's cause I didn't make it. Notice how the colors and the lines all match. Yeah...I never make a card like that. (That is why I don't quilt. You have to match all the points and seams up EVERY time or it's not right. What's up with that??) Dawn over at JadeMingmei Designs sent this little extra when I bought the Grocery List notebook. So simple and so cute! I really should make cards more often. They are very simple and satisfying. My problem is I need shelves...lots of shelving in my workshop area. It would make finding things so much easier. I'm going to work on that this spring.

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Lisa said...

we loved our card! Thanks Lynn
Matt and Lisa