Friday, February 26, 2010

Friends, Food, and Fire

My friend, The Professor's Wife, (she has a blog but she hasn't really started it yet so I can't put a link up yet) invites us over all the time to play and knit. I always say I'm only going to stay a minute but she is from the south and her hospitality genes take over the minute I walk into the door and she keeps offering me food and drink. You know me...I can't resist food and drink. It's also REALLY warm in her house cause they have a wood stove, so, after eating my weight in chips, a coma usually comes over me and I get very, very sleepy. I think this is her I'll stay and sit on her couch and knit the afternoon away.

This child is in on her plan too. He is amazing! He brings in armful after armful of wood and keeps the fire going. I think he has figured out if we are there visiting he doesn't have to do as much school work. I tell ya....he's a smart one!

See the food!? The girl-child is even in on this! She decorates it all pretty and who can resist a beautifully decorated cookie??The third child keeps Bubby busy. They play and scream and fight and play and scream and fight...see a pattern here? They also find a way to drag out EVERY toy in the house and bring it to the kitchen. The baby is real cute...but ya gotta watch him. He'll steal your cookies and not think a thing about it. This is were the food/heat coma starts to set in. The Professor's Wife puts on a movie and the kids can't move. They are glued to their seats and I have to pry them loose about 4pm so we can go home and I can load the dishwasher and look like I've done SOMETHING during the day. But ya know....I can think of worse ways to spend a very cold, windy, prairie day...eating soup, baking cookies, watching a movie and knitting with my friend.

Thanks dear friend. Hope your weekend is just as cozy.


Cheap&Sweet said...

Your blog is so cute had to follow!

jskippy11 said...

I need to learn to knit... oh yeah... and I need friends :)

Mellodee said...

Actually it sounds lovely! The dusting (or whatever) will be there tomorrow, so enjoy your friend's hospitality without guilt! I give you permission. (And if I had a friend like that, I'd give myself permission qw as well!)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, so THAT'S why you wouldn't talk to me when you were at Haley's - you were semi-comatose!