Friday, January 22, 2010

Sister-wives??? I don't think so

Since I hadn't had my fill of friends around me we decided to jump in the car and head north to visit my friend Liz. It was an absolute winter wonderland when we arrived. I should have taken more pictures because every morning the trees where covered with the most amazing frost.

The kids had such a fun time playing in the snow piles around the farm. It was only in the 30's while we were there so they could stay out for HOURS....which is very nice when you have four under the age of six in the house. Saturday we finagled a way to get rid of...I mean....have the boys go with their Daddy's for awhile. We drove like mad to Wisconsin to score some crazy deals on Land's End items. Then we drove like mad to get home to pick up the boys before nap time.

Then after a wonderful supper I got a lesson on my new camera. Liz takes the most amazing photos. Check out beautiful photography website! You will not be disappointed. Notice how the background is all fuzzy but the grapes are not?? That's a technique I was taught. Impressed?? You should be. I tried to do that on this picture too but I zoomed too close so all you get is a picture of the YUMMY cookies. But it's a good thing I took a picture of them cause they were GONE in no time at all.

In the middle of supper cooking and children running crazy I talked Liz into organizing her closet. It was either that or eat more cookies and I just couldn't do it anymore. Under my direction she was able to get rid of TWO large tubs of clothes. Actually, I would just hold up a piece of clothing and say, "You can't continue to wear this!" I was also able to talk her into a closet organizer that has changed her world! I am a total believer in the closet organizer. I'll be posting more photos later of my wonderful master bedroom closet.

Sunday we decided it was a good idea to get 6 people ready (4 of who where running in 8 different directions) to go to the mall. The kids were good...very few meltdowns but it was EXHAUSTING! We came home, fed them ice cream for supper and put them to bed at 6:30pm. read that right....6:30pm. They really were tired too. The girls had circles under their eyes from all their slumber party late night talks. The boys had gone without naps or had slept in the car all weekend. Everyone needed a break!

Liz made the most amazing guacamole and we sat on the couch, watched Big Love, ate and drank till we could not eat and drink any more.

We decided maybe there is something to this whole sister-wife thing. We did really good running one household with one husband all weekend (the Farmer was in the field still). But I have a feeling Liz would get real aggravated when I wanted to sit on my butt all afternoon and knit while she vacuumed (sounds like a great deal to ME though...haha).

Such a fun evening and a fun weekend! Can't wait till she comes to visit me next!


Rachel said...

Looks like lots of fun!

(Btw, how DOES she get that fuzzy background? Can I do that with my camera or do you need a special thing-a-ma-jig?)

Anonymous said...

That was so fun to read! Good friends are a treasure! Miss seeing you.
Monique PS I just had to LOL at the word verification that was set up for this post: huaram - almost was harem!

Anonymous said...

So fun to read! A good friend IS a treasure - I miss seeing you. I had to laugh as last time I tried to leave you a comment about this blog entry, it didn't work BUT what you have to know is that the verification word that I had to type was haurem..looked almost like harem!!

Liz Foley said...

LOVE IT!!! Love it! I am so glad you came - I do love you like a sister wife, ya know!:)
Looking at dates here...What works for you? Feb 18th too far off? I thought so too...Keep looking...
Rachel - YES, you can do that with your camera, no special thing-a-ma-jig required.