Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Target Deals!

I was in need of a little retail therapy this morning so I headed to Target. Using the list of deals I found at Hip2Save I was able to snag some great deals. The cashier was not very happy with me. I had no choice but to use an older checkout person. I have found that the younger male checkout clerks are much easier to deal with. They don't seem to think the savings is coming out of their pocket. This lady actually sighed HEAVILY before she scanned EVERY coupon. But I don't care....I was able to get all this for only $11.08!! So, she can sigh all she wants!
The two boxes of oatmeal in the back I purchased at Walgreen's for $1.04 total. I got a couple other fun items but they were not on sale so I won't include them in this photo. Love me some Target deals!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you - cracked me up to read about your check out lady!! What a riot!

dawn said...

She was just jealous that you had all the good coupons and she didn't.

Anonymous said...

I use those soap bars for kids, there great!


Jskippy11 said...

I wish I had a target close.. the closest ones are in KC or Columbia over an hour and a half a way... don't guess that would make it worth the drive. I did go to the hip2save website yesterday and sign up for all of the free give aways she had...Thanks for her link!