Thursday, January 7, 2010's an Italian word!

We spent Christmas Eve with Chester (and his family but they were not near as important to the kids as Chester I'm afraid). Chester might need his own tag on this blog...might look into that.

Bubby: "Who's Cheshter's mommy?"
Me: "Miss Jennifer."
Bubby: "Who is Cheshter's daddy?"
Me: "Chester doesn't have a daddy."
Bubby: Confused look....
Me: "That's what happens when small town girls move to the big city like Indianapolis. Sometimes they come home with a Chester and no daddy."

The kids had so much fun with him and I think by the time we left the poor little guy was exhausted.
Bubby thought he should try out his little beddy. My Uncle Mike received the most awesome Christmas present! Every year we watch A Christmas Story and I have always wanted one of these Fragile leg lamps. They are silly and a little tacky but so much fun!

What a major award Uncle Mike!!


Dawn said...

best photo's EVER

All Natural Mama said...

ROFL. "It's a major award!". LOVE it. Hilarious picture! But isn't the lamp supposed to be in front of his window so all the neighbors will see it? Maybe your aunt has a bit more influence than Ralphie's mom....
I've watched the movie every year since I was a kid. I think it's probably one of our favorite movies. Easily.
Thanks for making me laugh today! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh no...My Mom moved the Christmas tree over and went to find a able for the leg - I think she was just as excited as my Dad was :)
Love the pics of the kids with my baby :)

Liz Foley said...

Sweet lamp!!