Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Young Housekeeper's Friend

I found this interesting little book in a thrift store awhile back. It's called The Young Housekeeper's Friend, written by Mrs. Cornelius, 1859. It's a small compact little book that I'm sure is meant to be kept in one's apron pocket for quick reference.

The book contains useful advice to the 1860's housewife on how to cook, sew, and keep a perfect home.

Mrs. Cornelius (not sure if that is her first or last name) states, How often do we see the happiness of a husband abridged by the absence of skill, neatness, and economy in the wife! Really?? Many a day-laborer, on his return at evening from his hard toil, is repelled by the sight of a disorderly house and a comfortless supper; and perhaps is met by a cold eye instead of 'the thriftie wifie's smile;' and he makes his escape to the grog-shop or the underground gambling-room.

Apparently I need to work on my thriftie wifie's smile...whatever that is....or my husband will take off to the liqueur store or casino.

Chicken whisperer

My girl and her chickens. They will follow her anywhere! The minute she gets off the bus at night they come running to greet her. They hover around her clucking and rubbing up on her like a cat. Maybe it's cause they love her.....
or maybe it's cause she always carries corn in her pocket.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Relaxing Weekend

We had such a relaxing weekend! It was much needed too because I don't think we've been home on a weekend but once since Thanksgiving. Saturday after going to the gym I really didn't do much else. I was itching for some Target deals but the thought of driving an hour and then dealing with Saturday shoppers was just too much for me. So....I knitted a little, watched some movies, visited with our neighbors and even had a long nap...great Saturday!
Sunday meant MORE guests! Grandma and Papa came to visit! We had a big Sunday dinner and then Papa read the funny paper to the kids just as he used to do when I was little. We really didn't do anything all day. I knitted, we watched Discovery Channel and some of us napped.

A good relaxing weekend.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The following post should be read with a British accent

It has been rainy, dreary, foggy and misty for almost 2 weeks now. I feel I need to clean my windows so I can see clearly but then I do and it still doesn't help. I am so looking forward to a little sun! All you can see is fog...there are houses in this picture but you can't see them. Yesterday I couldn't even see the fields around the house it was so foggy so I guess I should be thankful. Our weather puts me in the mind of England. I know it's very stereotypical to say it's always raining in England but what I know of English weather pretty much comes from PBS Masterpiece Theater movies. It's always raining and women always twist their ankles falling in the slick grass and mud and then a handsome millionaire rescues them.

Or it's dark and stormy and there is a killer walking down a cobblestone street but you really can't see his face cause the street is so dimly lit. I'm also a fan of the British WWII movie which usually means the streets are in total blackout and people are feeling their way along in the hopes of getting home before an air raid siren announces the return of German aircraft. I was in England about 11 years ago for a week and to be perfectly honest it was sunny the entire time we were there. Everyone was talking about how wonderful the weather was. No fog anywhere!So, maybe this isn't English weather but just dreary Illinois January weather. I was happy when they finally were able to get the corn out and I could see all the way to the highway a mile away. Now all I can hear are the eery sounds of the cars in the fog. It's like The Village. They could hear weird sounds but didn't know what they were. I could stand in the yard this morning and hear the distant traffic but you would never know there was a road over there.

I'm patiently waiting for the sun....and for the mud to dry up!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sister-wives??? I don't think so

Since I hadn't had my fill of friends around me we decided to jump in the car and head north to visit my friend Liz. It was an absolute winter wonderland when we arrived. I should have taken more pictures because every morning the trees where covered with the most amazing frost.

The kids had such a fun time playing in the snow piles around the farm. It was only in the 30's while we were there so they could stay out for HOURS....which is very nice when you have four under the age of six in the house. Saturday we finagled a way to get rid of...I mean....have the boys go with their Daddy's for awhile. We drove like mad to Wisconsin to score some crazy deals on Land's End items. Then we drove like mad to get home to pick up the boys before nap time.

Then after a wonderful supper I got a lesson on my new camera. Liz takes the most amazing photos. Check out beautiful photography website! You will not be disappointed. Notice how the background is all fuzzy but the grapes are not?? That's a technique I was taught. Impressed?? You should be. I tried to do that on this picture too but I zoomed too close so all you get is a picture of the YUMMY cookies. But it's a good thing I took a picture of them cause they were GONE in no time at all.

In the middle of supper cooking and children running crazy I talked Liz into organizing her closet. It was either that or eat more cookies and I just couldn't do it anymore. Under my direction she was able to get rid of TWO large tubs of clothes. Actually, I would just hold up a piece of clothing and say, "You can't continue to wear this!" I was also able to talk her into a closet organizer that has changed her world! I am a total believer in the closet organizer. I'll be posting more photos later of my wonderful master bedroom closet.

Sunday we decided it was a good idea to get 6 people ready (4 of who where running in 8 different directions) to go to the mall. The kids were good...very few meltdowns but it was EXHAUSTING! We came home, fed them ice cream for supper and put them to bed at 6:30pm. read that right....6:30pm. They really were tired too. The girls had circles under their eyes from all their slumber party late night talks. The boys had gone without naps or had slept in the car all weekend. Everyone needed a break!

Liz made the most amazing guacamole and we sat on the couch, watched Big Love, ate and drank till we could not eat and drink any more.

We decided maybe there is something to this whole sister-wife thing. We did really good running one household with one husband all weekend (the Farmer was in the field still). But I have a feeling Liz would get real aggravated when I wanted to sit on my butt all afternoon and knit while she vacuumed (sounds like a great deal to ME though...haha).

Such a fun evening and a fun weekend! Can't wait till she comes to visit me next!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Be My Guest

I've been away but I have a good excuse this time. I've had guests! Love it when my friends take time out of their lives to come and visit me. I get to break out the good china...or maybe just the Christmas dishes cause I have more Christmas dishes than regular dishes.
My friend Rachel came with all her children and it was crazy around here! The kids LOVED playing with each other but I seriously could not imagine having five children all the time. I don't know how people do it! The kids did get along very well though. Very few fights. Having 3 boys here was amazing....they will eat you out of house and home if you aren't careful!!
I loved having my friend here though. We could talk about knitting and watch the PBS movies we love without anyone making fun of us...expect for The Hunter.

I tried to make everyone happy but you can't please everyone all the time.
Poor little guy was mad cause he had ate his breakfast already and he wanted to eat his Mamma's breakfast too.
Some people are just plain crazy...but I love them anyway!
By the 3rd day we finally wore this one out! Yea!
Come back soon Rachel!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Such a dear friend!

The following is an email from my friend Liz and I believe if everyone received emails like this everyday the world would be a lot better.

'I am convinced you saved my sanity with my son and continue to every day that I know you. I have never experienced true friendship as I did that day that you brought me out the baby crack (teething tablets). You truly stepped up as a friend and no one had ever done that for me before.

Amen and goodnight. '
Love ya!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Target Deals!

I was in need of a little retail therapy this morning so I headed to Target. Using the list of deals I found at Hip2Save I was able to snag some great deals. The cashier was not very happy with me. I had no choice but to use an older checkout person. I have found that the younger male checkout clerks are much easier to deal with. They don't seem to think the savings is coming out of their pocket. This lady actually sighed HEAVILY before she scanned EVERY coupon. But I don't care....I was able to get all this for only $11.08!! So, she can sigh all she wants!
The two boxes of oatmeal in the back I purchased at Walgreen's for $1.04 total. I got a couple other fun items but they were not on sale so I won't include them in this photo. Love me some Target deals!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowman Christmas Card

This is the card I chose to make for our Christmas card this year. I was running out of time and decided to try something very simple and with as few steps as possible. That didn't happen.

I used my Cricut and the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge and the stamp is from Stampin' Up! Best Yet stamp set. I thought I would whip these out in no time but I forgot to take into consideration all the TINY little pieces that went with the snowman. Soooo....if you received a card this year and it didn't have eyes or boots that's why...I just ran out of steam. If you received a card that had only ONE eye then if was winking at you...of course!

Monday, January 11, 2010

More creepy cornfield movies...really???

I've mentioned before my hate of cornfields. I have come to the conclusion this is not a totally irrational fear. I have scientific proof that weird things come out of the corn.

Example #1: Children of the Corn. Never seen the movie. I know it's scary and I know it's about corn...enough said.
Example #2: The movie Signs shows me aliens create circles in the corn leading to my house and then they come out of the corn to get me.
Example #3: I never noticed before but ET came walking out of the corn to greet Elliot for the first time. Where did that scene come from? Has it always been there?? See...more corn...more aliens.

(30 seconds into this video you will notice the alien AND the cornfield)

Example #4: The other night I am innocently watching Field of Dreams...basically cause nothing else was on and I could knit and watch the movie without watching too closely. you know the movie is based in Iowa about a guy who builds a baseball field because the voices tell him to. Well guess what's in Iowa...CORN! And guess what COMES OUT OF THAT CORN?! Ghost-like creatures...not unlike aliens!!
Never picked up on that before. Seen the movie a million times.

Four (4!) examples of crazy movies with crazy things coming out of the corn. That's enough proof for me. At least I have some comfort knowing if there are any aliens out there now their butts are most likely froze to the ground cause it was -11 (NEGATIVE ELEVEN!) when we got up this morning. Enjoy your corn aliens!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Sunday Afternoon Savings

I did a little couponing this afternoon after church and this is what I picked up:

  • 9 boxes of Kleenex
  • 6 cans of Campbell's soup
  • 6 cans of Swanson Chicken broth
  • 3 boxes of Kotex
  • 5 bottles of Aveeno shampoo
  • 4 bottles of Aveeno face cleanser
  • 1 bottle of Aveeno lotion
  • 2 Oral-b toothbrushes
  • 4 packages of Bic razors
  • 1 package of Halls
  • and a partridge in a pear tree
My savings was a little over $80. My total for all this was.......wait for it....wait for it.....$18.21. That's it! I swear! I love coupons and I love Hip2save. (the partridge in the pear tree is what put me over the $15 mark).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our first Prairie snow

We have been living up north for a couple of years and I would have to say it's made me a little jaded to the winter weather. I don't get as excited as I used to when the weather man calls for snow. I mean....I get excited that it's going to snow cause I love snow but I don't get so excited that I feel as if I need to go and buy out the stores of all the milk and bread.

But now we are experiencing a different kind of snow since we have moved to the Plains. Even though the weatherman called for only 2-4 inches of snow (which by northern standards is NOTHING) everything was being cancelled around here before the first snowflake fell. Now I know why...the drifting. The wind! There is NOTHING to stop the wind around here! Why are there no trees? People should plant more trees! My friend Haley braved the roads and brought two of her four children over to play. All the kids went outside to play for awhile but the boys couldn't take it and came back in. Notice how some of the yard has barely any snow and other parts have 2-3 feet of snow? The girls loved it! They built snow tunnels and sledded on the drifts...cause there are no hills here. Even though they were about froze they still wanted to play outside. I made them come in once their eyelashes froze to their face masks. (Yes, Sissy did go back and help her friend out of the snowdrift once this picture was taken.)
The boys decided it would be more fun to built a cubby hole in the kitchen and play superheroes. This snowdrift in front of MY side of the garage doesn't look like much but it's really over 2 foot deep. I called the The Hunter to see why he didn't clear it when he cleared his side this morning and he joked that it was his way of keeping me from heading to town to check out the Target least I think he was joking.....
I got 4-wheel drive right??

Too Excited for Words!

If you will remember....all Bubby wanted for Christmas was a dog leash, collar and bone. Well...Christmas morning Santa provided. You couldn't have imagined a happier little boy! He was jumping around the room screaming and hollering over his dog leash and collar. Santa gave him the smallest one he could find so that it would only fit on his little FurRealz puppy. The child carries these two items with him EVERYWHERE!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that bring us pleasure.

Thursday, January 7, 2010's an Italian word!

We spent Christmas Eve with Chester (and his family but they were not near as important to the kids as Chester I'm afraid). Chester might need his own tag on this blog...might look into that.

Bubby: "Who's Cheshter's mommy?"
Me: "Miss Jennifer."
Bubby: "Who is Cheshter's daddy?"
Me: "Chester doesn't have a daddy."
Bubby: Confused look....
Me: "That's what happens when small town girls move to the big city like Indianapolis. Sometimes they come home with a Chester and no daddy."

The kids had so much fun with him and I think by the time we left the poor little guy was exhausted.
Bubby thought he should try out his little beddy. My Uncle Mike received the most awesome Christmas present! Every year we watch A Christmas Story and I have always wanted one of these Fragile leg lamps. They are silly and a little tacky but so much fun!

What a major award Uncle Mike!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Going Postal--Christmas Style

My computer is up and running again. Not sure why I pay for virus protection when I seem to get viruses all the time. Anyway....I'm so used to this happening about twice a year anymore that I am more prepared and I have the computer backed up more often now. It's not so painful when it happens.

I didn't figure out how to use my new camera but I'm about to get some instruction from two different photographers I know and I'm thinking of taking a class at the local community college. I think that sounds like a lot of fun.

Going to try and wrap up all my Christmas photos in the next couple of days. I took these photos and had to share what our local post office does with all their letters to Santa. Our town REALLY takes Christmas seriously. Not only do we have a large Christmas festival and show Christmas movies at the local theatre but the Post Office also gets into it. The lobby of the post office has a old letter box painted up in true holiday fashion where you can deposit your letters to Santa.

This is such a fun idea I think!! A special post office employee makes sure each letter is delivered and answered by Santa before Christmas. I very rarely go INTO the post office so I didn't know about this till it was too late. Next year we are going to be delivering our letters to Santa early.