Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Blogger Now

You know what happens when your blog hits go from 6 to 600 in a day? You get hateful emails from women knitters.....but you also get awesome emails from around the world and from women like Ree, The Pioneer Woman. So, it all evens out I guess.

I know I'm going to get a lot more hateful emails for posting about this but ultimately this is my blog and I can talk about what I want and I need to clear the air. I also do not have to post the negative comments I have received because they are hateful. That's not what I want for this blog. I use this blog to talk about happy fun things we are doing as a family and what I am doing craft-wise.

As you already know in November I gifted The Pioneer Woman a pair of gloves from a free pattern I found online. On December 16th after PW put up a post about these gloves I posted about how excited I was about this and included a link to the designer of the gloves and to Ravelry. I included all the appropriate links plus the yarn color and needle size. Within hours I received an email from a lady saying it was 'illegal to post a fellow designer's pattern'. I immediately took all the info off the blog cause I was sure I was doing something wrong. I can prove this statement because if you look at the comments of my blog from December 16th you will see that someone saw the pattern and then couldn’t find it the second time they came to my blog. This person left a comment looking for the pattern that they had once seen on my blog.

I was given wrong information to follow from the beginning. I apologize that I didn’t go to the designer and try to clear things up but I thought I was already in trouble. I assumed that if I took the link off my blog that I wouldn’t be offending anyone anymore.

Then I get an email from the designer wanting to know ‘about my commercial use of her design’. There was no commercial use of her design. I replied to her email stating the gloves were 'a gift to PW'. For me it was an honor for PW to post about the gloves I gave her but I never asked for the recognition and I never asked for women to offer to purchase them.

Apparently I didn't respond quick enough on a Saturday before Christmas because I got another email from the designer saying I had to amend my blog and 'if your blog is not updated by noon (PST) on Sunday 20 December, I will make an official DMCA complaint to Blogger/Google which could result in your entire blog being taken offline until you can prove that you are not in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act'. I guess I'm lucky I was even looking at my email this weekend and not at a holiday party. So, I edited MY blog for the second time in so many days.

I completely understand where the designer is coming from and in a attempt to make everyone happy I just pissed off another group of women who began to slander me and who keep sending me hateful emails (don't you have something to knit?!)

It was mentioned by a couple of people that I refer to these gloves as MY gloves and I can't do that because I didn't design them. Well, of course they are MY gloves! I knitted them! What knitter goes around saying, 'Hey look at the gloves I knitted but they really aren't mine they are Vogue knitting from March 1999.' Who does that??

I’m not selling this designer' gloves or the pattern. I only knitted a pair of gloves and gave them as a gift. I NEVER said this was MY pattern. I never wanted any credit for this pattern. I only wanted to give a fellow blogger a gift. It was stated many times in the comments of PW’s blog where the pattern came from. I never disputed that!

I have been sent some hateful emails from fellow knitters and I am truly saddened. Instead of trying to find out the whole story a number of people make some snap judgements and jumped in ready to hang me.

I've learned some really great lessons about my blog and human nature this weekend. I have received some great emails from wonderful women around the world complementing my blog. I also have a much greater appreciation for the big time women bloggers who have to deal with negativity and snap judgements on a daily basis. I really don't know how they deal with it. But for now I think I will take Ree's advice and 'not worry about this for one more second.'


Kim said...

So sorry that you were sent hateful emails......knitting makes me calmer not more angry. :) In my opinion, you gave all the right kudos to the originator of the patterns. Have a wonderful Christmas. Be blessed.

Heather said...

Well, lynn, you /must have hit the big time! When you can get those cranky hateful blogging women commenting this time of year, you really must be doing something right! As far as crediting the designer goes, if she knew you she'd know it was all a missunderstanding. Knit on!!

Rachel said...

I think that they may all have something to lean from Thumper's Momma...

Dawn said...

I was awake at 4am worrying about this for you, apparently I need to take Ree's advice too. You should totally have some eggnog today....maybe I should too.

Nikki said...

way to go girl...stand up for yourself.... jealousy is usualy what makes people get ugly. If only every knitter got mentioned on one of the biggest blogs!!! You just keep your head up, enjoy the positive attention for your amazing talent and dont even give a second thought to the comments from people who wish they were getting the attention!!!

Fluffa said...

Don't listen to the nasties! You did a great job on YOUR gloves. She might have designed the pattern, but you created the gloves and gave them as a gift, so you did nothing wrong there... :-) Great job! Glad you hear things are going well for you!


Nikki said...

YIPES! You get em' girl! Anyone that knows you would know what complete and utter ridiculousness this all is. I love ya girl! And ladies...don't hate the playa, hate the game... :)

sosoclever said...

I read about this on Ravelry, and came to see what was said by whom, for myself.

You did say this:

Some have showed interest in purchasing them and yes I will make you a pair of fingerless gloves...just leave a comment or email me.

which would imply a commercial interest of your own. And, honestly, the way you talk about "your gloves" does make it sound like you're saying you designed them, and I don't see anywhere that you said what pattern you used. Maybe you didn't intend it that way, but that's the way it comes across.

I'm not trying to be bitchy. I'm just trying to point out why the designer got upset, then angry.

I'm sorry you're getting hate-e-mail, particularly over a misunderstanding (on both sides, it seems).

Liz Foley said...

For Pete's Sake! People are ridiculous!! If we spent half as much time spreading love as we do spreading hate, the world would be a MUCH better place! So many out there are only out to ridicule and destroy. Stay strong. Stay sweet. Stay glorious.
We love you!

Coloradolady said...

You go!!! Jealously does rule its ugly did nothing wrong....if someone does not want you to use their "free" pattern, then in my opinion...they SHOULD NOT post about wanting their own horns tooted....I am glad the link was posted...SO I KNOW WHERE NOT TO VISIT.....ugly is ugly no matter how you wrap it up!!

Kudos to you my just keep doing what you are doing...doing good things are rewarded....let the ugly women who are most likely green with envy sit and be miserable.....God does not like ugly....just sayin'

Christa Giles said...

It would be nice at this point if you acknowledged that the designer has been kind and given you special permission to sell gloves made from her pattern, and it would be GREAT if you took the time to educate your readers about the things you've been learning about terms of use (ie, can they be sold?), appropriate credit, and sharing the glory!

Congrats on your mention on the PW blog :) Hope it continues to bring you lots of positivity!

Fowler Mommy said...

YES! Dont worry about this any more! I am so sorry about all the drama.



jskippy11 said...

Holy cow.. I don't go to work for a month and totally miss out on all the excitement... WOW... Now I have to go over to PW and see what she said about you.. how exciting.. you really are famous! oh, and people really need to get a life if they have to come to your blog to complain! Have a good Christmas! Will you still be my friend now that you are famous??

dianne said...

just happened upon your blog. keep on being the wonderful thoughtful person that you are and just be thankful that you are YOU!

Linda Byrd said...

Oh my stars! I never for one second thought you were claiming the design as your own. I have knitted those gloves myself, and I got the pattern on The designer, and ONLY the designer, should have contacted you about this issue. You were right to delete hateful emails from others. Then, after you hit the delete key, delete them from your mind as well. I love the positive nature of your blog, and I follow it regularly.

Tena said...

I found your blog through PW and printed the fingerless glove pattern. They're on my needles as we speak! I'm making them for my nanny (when I was growing up) and she's now 101 and needs these!

Thank you!

Lindsay said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with such nastiness. It happens to the best of us at least once in a while. But I just want to clear something up for people, which another commenter mentioned:

"Some have showed interest in purchasing them and yes I will make you a pair of fingerless gloves...just leave a comment or email me."

Here's where things went awry. From my understanding, reading your blog and Cheryl's POV, it was the selling of the gloves without getting her permission that was the problem. It goes against the terms of use of, where the pattern is hosted. But from my understanding Cheryl is willing to give you permission to sell the finished gloves, which very few designers do these days.

But like I said, don't let the nastiness get you down. Some people will find any outlet for their misplaced anger.

mangocheeks said...

I hope this is all in the past now.

Blogging is a learning curve for all of us. There is a similar problem with recipes, and who came up with it first...Ah..