Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas around the house

We decorated a Gingerbread house the other night. Sissy had a lot of fun making it 'snow' on the house.
I finally have all the Christmas up around the house. Garland on the stairs. I love my stairs. I love that I get to drape it with garland.

We picked out a GREAT tree this year! We have 10 foot ceilings so we were able to get a HUGE one.

Now...I need to get my Christmas cards done and I still have LOT'S of knitting to do!


Nikki said...

PRETTY! I love your stairs too! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your staircase!


Rachel said...

Please, PLEASE tell me you used a kit for making that gingerbread house? I don't think my ego could handle it if you made those from scratch too :)

Holly said...

Gorgeous home and decorations!

Jenny said...

You have a lovely home! I love the Red candles on the mantel! Did you make them?