Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

We visited a local Santa this weekend. The kids were quick to put in their lists. Sissy would like a Nintendo DS. I really hope she isn't too disappointed if (when) it doesn't arrive. We aren't huge on video games around her. I have nothing against them they just aren't our thing and I don't want her nose stuck in one all the time.
Then it was Bubby's turn.
Santa: 'What would you like for Christmas?'
Bubby: 'A dog leash, collar, dog bowl and cage.'
Santa: 'What your dog's name?'
Bubby: 'We don't have a dog...it's for my sissy'.
That's when I got the look from Santa.


Dawn said...


Sami L said...

Too funny! You GO Bubby!!!
I felt tat way about my sister's sometimes, too... Though being 5 nad 7 years older thanme,not possible... ;-)

Nikki said...


Anonymous said...

That is so funny - thanks! (This is Deb by the way)

Anonymous said...

Okay...I just read this to Terry and he got a kick out of it too - he is the kind of brother that told his sister to put the rope in her mouth and he'd pull her around (instead, he pulled her teeth right out of her mouth) - he can relate! (Deb again)