Thursday, November 19, 2009

You want the good news or the bad news first?

Alright the good news is....we have eggs! We received our first pullet egg on Monday and we were all so excited. Finally!....these ladies are giving back a little. We have now received three eggs and if you look at the size of them can tell we now have TWO hens laying. The first egg is our first pullet egg from Monday. We are thinking the second is another pullet from another hen and the third egg is the second egg from the first hen. Understand? So, basically what I'm saying is we have TWO layers at this point. I am very excited about this. We aren't sure at this time which hens are laying. We think one is Sarah but we aren't sure. for the bad news. Not 20 minutes after getting our first egg and texting to everyone to tell them how happy I am about this (yeah I's all I got going on right now) something got into the chickens and we had a massacre on our hands! I thought ALL the hens but one were gone. I was so upset!! As the day went on I discovered Elizabeth was hurt and all the hens but one came back from their hiding places.

Judy the hen is no longer with us...... My mom, who the hen was named after, finds this to be a creepy omen. Maybe we should rethink this naming the hens after someone we know.

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Dawn said...

you must have left something red outside.....