Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are being INVADED!

I told you there were things in the corn and beans that wanted to get me. I told you there are things to be afraid of. We are being invaded by ladybugs!! They are all over my house...inside and out!We are in full harvest mode around here and it's warmed up so the beetles are everywhere! They are flying around the house so much is looks as if it's snowing. The windows are covered with them!I just vacuumed 262 beetles off my kitchen and laundry room ceilings....yes I counted. I put the vacuum away and my ceiling looked like this again within a matter of minutes.
I would go to town to get way from them but I don't want to open the door! I'm trapped!!


Anonymous said...

same here! although, I had someone do a "bug control" treatment, so I have hundreds dead on every hard surface surrounding my house...and they STINK

cliky heels

All Natural Mama said...

Yeah, it's that time of year. They live on the soybeans all summer but when the soybeans die they want to hibernate in our houses! Yuk.
I think I'm immune to them now. They used to freak me out when they first showed up here years ago!
I've learned NOT to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner because they let off their STINK then and you have to change the vacuum bag every time.
So now I pretend I don't see them. It works well!!
As long as they are not in my bed I don't care, lol. One way to trap them - if you have a light fixture that hangs upside down (like a pendant) leave it turned on all night long. They're attracted to the light and they have a hard time getting out once they're in there. Hah, hah, hah (that is supposed to be an evil laugh).
I also enjoy kicking them toward the walls while they are laying on the floor, lol.

Anonymous said...

I hate being trapped in the house too but I hate going out and they are flying around, its all you can see. I sprayed "Home Defense" one afternoon and it works but is best if you do it before they show up and not while the wind is blowing. Their dead smell isn't pleasant either. Try not to confuse them with "Ladybugs" because they aren't, they are Asian beetles. They bite and ladybugs don't. They stink, ladybugs don't. I beg for cooler weather at the first sign of them cuz I know that keeps them down and in hiding to stay warm.

Jessica T