Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lot's of cardmaking

Lot's of card making going on around here lately. I have a scrapbooking/card making/sewing/computer room right off the living room now so I sometimes am able to sneak in during the day and put some things together before the kids realize what I am doing. I also do not feel so isolated from the family and can interact with the kids while I'm creating things. I do tend to get distracted with the help of the computer and facebook though.

Out of the blue last month my friend Jenny sent me a Stampin' Up! stamp set called Good Things Grow. Such a pretty little stamp set and perfect for fall I think. I made her a couple of cards using the stamp set as a thank you.

It is so much fun getting unexpected things in the mail! I also made a couple of other cards for various friends. I was going to give detailed descriptions of each card and what stamp set I used but.....there is just not time. I can only do so much people!!

I did you the Cricut to create this flower which I think is fun. The Cricut is so great for making simple cards look fun!
I have also made a number of cards for sale this month. I really should do that more cause it's fun, easy and I can make money at it.


Lisa said...

These Cards are awesome - where are you selling them?

Dawn said...

very nice Lynn

Rachel said...

OMW those are so cute!!!

(Can I sleep in that room when I come? I promise to behave and not steal too much . . .)