Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's September....or it was last month.......

when I took these pictures of the local arts and craft show. It's a September tradition to attend the Cedarhurst Craft Show. This is the first year we could all go at the same time and for the first time in forever I had money to spend. Did I find anything to buy?? One butter dish. A lonely butter dish. It's pretty and I've always wanted one but I had visions of a beautiful skein of yarn or a handmade bag.
There was lots of local art to view......much interest in the Klubek collection.

Where else would you find riduculously expensive roosters? Reminds me of something...hmmm...don't want to think about that.


Dawn said...

reminds you of what? hmmmm? Fear is the mindkiller you know...oh wait you don't read scifi.

Rachel said...


That rooster would SO glare at you from your counter top (and prance around at night with a red robe on . . .)