Sunday, September 6, 2009

My new addiction...COUPONS!

Even though all last week I was alone most of the time I still couldn't find the time to want to know why? I have a new addiction. Checking coupon blogs!! (Luckily my OTHER addiction of McD's Coke helps me do the couponing so it's all good.)

For years I have been seeing these women on tv who use coupons to save hundreds off their grocery bill every week. I just could not figure out how they did it. I would get a .25 cent coupon for Charmin in the mail and think big deal! I can still go to Aldi and get it way cheaper.

Well, I've got it figured out now. Here is my new secret weapons. I've been following 3 different savings blogs: Mummydeals, Wantitall4free, and hip2save. They do all the running around for me and find all the deals. They post these deals everyday. They have taught me how to take that .25 cent coupon and combine it with a sale, an in-store coupon and a double coupon promotion and get it for next to nothing, free, or make money on it.

I'm going to start sharing some of the deals and tricks I've been finding out there. Like, did you know you can take a manufacturer coupon you get in the paper and a in-store coupon for double the savings? You have to watch the endcaps at the stores and looks for sales. Use your coupon with the sale and stock up! Many stores like Kmart, Shnucks, and Albertsons have double coupons all the time or at least once a month. Use them on their sale items and score free items. CVS and Walgreens always have in-store specials that allow you to purchase items for free or make money on the item.

I have only been doing this for a couple of months and I have enough cleaning and personal hygiene products to last us almost a year. I paid very little or nothing for all of this. You have to watch the ads and save up your coupons. Hopefully many of you are in an area where you have stores. I only have a Walmart nearby. If I want to take advantage of deals at CVS, Walgreens, Target or Kmart I have to travel 45 minutes away. I try to combine as many deals as I can on the days I do get to the city.

Good luck and keep checking back cause I am now addicted to couponing and will be sharing it more deals!


Dawn said...

I just was re-living the moment in Target this weekend when I used my coupon and then the store coupon to get SEVEN dollars of razors....and then we high fived. ahhhhh

Rachel said...

Ha ha, we are a sad bunch, we Qponers, lol!